Charlotte Gainsbourg, 51 years old, what her father forced her to do without her knowledge… who bothered her

Charlotte Gainsburg turns 51 years old today. The daughter of singer Serge Gainsbourg is a satisfied woman, but this was not always the case. A simple return to the most important moments of his life!

Charlotte Gainsburg: A complicated childhood with her father!

It is never easy being the son or daughter of a famous person. Charlotte Gainsburg can attest to that. His father was living a crazy life and at times questionable behavior. Everyone remembers the day the singer was so vulgar towards Whitney Houston. He didn’t hesitate to tell her directly that he wanted to have a quick relationship with her.

And the Serge Gainsbourg did not have a very healthy behavior with his daughter. A few weeks ago, Charlotte Gainsbourg was taken captive by her father who made her submit to her in spite of herself and which upset her so much.

Back to the time she was preparing the album “Charlotte Forever”. His father was present and made him see all the colors. During the realization of this project, Charlotte had to fulfill certain requests of the singer without being able to say no to him.

The atmosphere of filming some of the clips was very strange. Between alcohol and illegal products, living was very complicated. Despite all his differences, Serge Gainsbourg is still very popular. Many remember his work, but not his deviations!

Serge Gainsbourg is still very popular in France!

Serge Gainsbourg had very dark sides and very good sides. It is not for nothing that the singer was also called Gainsbarre. Charlotte Gainsburg’s father allowed himself to overindulge in alcohol and illegal substances in the presence of his daughter.

On the other hand, he was a musical genius. We no longer count the singer’s musical successes. Several of his albums were huge successes and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. But even in his songs, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s father manages to provoke controversy as in the title “Lemon Incest”. This was the first time in France that a song spoke of incest. The controversy that followed was so enormous that some believed Serge was catching up to Charlotte Ginsburg.

And the These slips and transgressions he also did in the presence of his daughter without being able to say anything.

Charlotte Forever: The most difficult moment in Charlotte Ginsburg’s career!

during the project “Charlotte Forever”, Charlotte Gainsbourg had a very difficult time. Her father didn’t look normal and had horrific mood swings.

Filming the clips was real hell. Serge Gainsbourg often arrived drunk on the set and his daughter had to spend a police day with him when she was still a little girl.

Charlotte Gainsburg did not appreciate her father’s behavior at all, and forced him to pay. To get revenge, she did what she liked when Serge Ginzburg tried to give her advice. A rebellious attitude has not left Charlotte Gainsburg over the years.

Although the album was a huge success, This shoot will definitely remain one of the most complicated moments of his career. Charlotte Gainsburg will remember her all her life.

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