China promises zero tolerance for Taiwan separatists

Beijing continues to intimidate and threaten Tapie. In fact, on Wednesday, August 10, China promised not to allow “no space” To supporters of Taiwan independence pointing out that “use of force” To take back the island stayed on the table ” the final destination “in a white paper published by the Taiwan Affairs Office, a Chinese government agency.

In this white paper, first published since 2000 on the subject, Beijing outlines how it plans to seize the island, particularly through the use of economic incentives. We are ready to create a vast space [de coopération] in order to achieve peaceful reunification”Is it specifically stipulated.

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“But we will not leave any room for separatist actions aimed at the false independence of Taiwan, in any way,” China explains, adding: We do not promise to renounce the use of force. »

“Force can be used as a last resort, in force majeure. We will have to take drastic measures in the face of provocations by separatists or outside forces if they cross our red lines.”

Promise to improve economic “integration”

This new warning comes after the end of the extensive Chinese military exercises that it carried out in recent days around the island, in response to a visit to Taipei by Nancy Pelosi, the third seed of the United States.

Beijing viewed the residence of the speaker of the House of Representatives as a provocation, as the United States has vowed not to have a formal relationship with the island’s territory claimed by China.

In particular, the white paper holds the promise of economic prosperity after “Reunion”. China also proposes to strengthen cultural ties, in terms of social security, health, or even better encouragement ” Fusion “ Economic, particularly by preferential policies.

“With a strong and dependable homeland, Taiwan’s citizens will be stronger, more confident, more secure and will gain more respect on the international stage.”states the text.

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Unlike the previous government, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who came to power in 2016, refuses to see Taiwan and mainland China as part of the “One China”. A situation that significantly deteriorated relations with Beijing.

Despite the tense context in recent days, Taiwanese opposition politician Andrew Hsia Li Yan traveled to mainland China on Wednesday to meet there in August, after quarantine, and businessmen and students from the island.

A senior diplomat and former head of the Taiwanese organization in charge of issues related to mainland China, Mr. Hsia is the vice-chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT), the other major Taiwan party, anti-independence and proponent of pragmatic relations with Beijing.

‘Not only is the timing bad’but “In addition, it is an insult to our military, which spares no effort to protect our country.”On Facebook, he denounced the Taiwanese presidential party.

Chinese military exercises off the island

The Chinese military, which conducted its largest-ever military exercise around Taiwan in recent days, announced on Wednesday that it had completed it. “successfully” . All tasks completedexplained.

But the Eastern Command of the Chinese army said on its Weibo account that although the exercises began last Thursday and officially ended, China will continue to patrol the Taiwan Strait and keep its forces in battle.

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The exercises started the next day for mr.I Pelosi continued on the island, which was scheduled to end on Sunday, this week. For its part, the Taiwanese army conducted, on Tuesday, its own maneuvers, to train in response to a Chinese attack.

In addition to the missile launches, the Chinese military has simulated air and sea attacks against Taiwan, maneuvers that, according to Taipei, are intended to prepare for an invasion of the island and, according to experts, to deter any hint of the autonomous territory’s independence.

Le Monde with Agence France-Presse and Reuters

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