Coaches opinion at Quinté on Sunday 7 August 2022

Interviews with coaches at the Grand Handicap de Deauville

Jan Barberot: Charles V (1) He is a very sure horse on good ground. When served on fibers or on a path that is not too smooth, it is particularly effective. After a successful performance in the disability field early in his career, he left this class to attend more prestigious events. Finds obstacles in 48 values. It must prove its competitiveness in this weight.

Olaf Profft: Celestine (2) He has made us very happy lately, despite the terrain not being flexible enough for his skills. This commitment is a logical continuation for him. Especially since the horse is at the top according to his mentor. However, the extremely mild weather was not made to work in her favour. But the horse is ready to defend itself well again …

Gavin Hernon: Sky Power (4) It makes me happy now. His last outings were good despite the training sessions that were not in his favour. I hope the race track on Sunday is favorable because, at that value, it remains competitive on the “big” handicaps. I expect a good performance.

Jerome Renner: National Service (5) I stopped a bit to finish recently. It’s legitimate especially since 2000m is a bit long for his skills. He “ride” on this race. Last year he demonstrated his ability to walk the straight track for 1,600 meters in Deauville.

Philip Decaux: hook (6) She has remained at her best since her last flight as she has been enjoyably self-imposed. Punishing 3kg, I think he’s still competitive but this time there are some nice guys. However, I think he is well positioned, with good progress, to finish in the top five. I know that the fact that he discovered a straight line doesn’t worry me any more…

Jerome Renner: Tornadic (7) He has a program that becomes more complex, the opportunities decrease. At 43 in value, it’s tempting to align it here. However, he must prove his competitiveness in the value which has become for him henceforth.

Christopher Ferland: Dantes (8) Ready to enter again. Now, even if he likes to run in a new form, he still makes a comeback against very good opponents and with more weight. Therefore, I expect good behavior but I think it will be difficult to take on the leadership roles.

Nicholas Clement: now we know (9) He hasn’t been so lucky lately in Chantilly, so he’s better than what his last outing suggests. He is the title holder. Therefore, this commitment is a logical continuation of its programme. Hope to see him doing well on Sunday. Even if he was a year older than him and had a different predisposition than last year. Having ran less than last year at this time.

Nicholas Collieri: King Gold (10) He is an elegant colt that does almost all of his shopping. She stays in great shape, and since her form is not in doubt in training, I’m trying to venture into lengthening her for the occasion. I think he can do well at this distance and Christophe Sommillon, who knows him, will help him in his mission. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run so well.

Jerome Renner: Marrakesh Moon (12) He hasn’t been able to shine lately. But he may have suffered the repercussions of his repeated endeavors and travels. He has since recovered. That’s why it’s fun to try again at this level..

Jerome Renner: Dar Tonji (13) It was a busy start to the season. Since then it has been given freshness. His latest outing is encouraging. It is a fiber horse or good ground on the lawn. Here he will find a surface to his liking. It has a fun handicap value to give it a shot at an event like this. It’s not complicated and should work well in a straight line.

Carmen Buxay: headwind (14) He’s found himself completely locked into the peloton and has never been able to express himself on the last stage lately. It’s a shame because I think he could have won this race. This “big” handicap is the next logical step and he’ll be in good shape. At the end of a smooth and hassle-free ride, I hope to see him actively participate in the end.

Jean Vincent Tookes: Kilocho (15) It comes back to the disabilities here with freshness and morale. I’m back on the tilt here. Which has been produced on shorter in recent months. But on good ground you should be able to adapt. I’m finally happy to see her in the first round.

Jean-Pierre Goffin: happy rock (16) Now she sees that her program has been reduced to opportunities. That’s why it’s tempting to try here. He’s in great shape, appreciates good terrain and should enjoy the day’s trail. It really is a horse that has a lot of butchering.

source : Geny . Racing

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