Coldplay enchants the Stade de France with four wonderful and festive evenings

Tuesday 19 July. The third of four concerts Coldplay will perform as part of their “Music of the Spheres” tour. It was around 9:30 p.m. when Chris Martin and his musicians arrived on stage…and set off for two hours of intense concert, under scorching heat. The lights go out and the luminous bracelets – distributed to every spectator at the entrance – shine in a stadium that draws your attention away. Amazing entry to high strengthOne of the most famous songs from the last album…and then followed by the greatest classics… adventure of a lifetimeAnd the heavenAnd the Charlie BrownAnd the Viva La VidaAnd the the scientist…the crowd begins to dance, jump and sing at the top of their voice. One feels great joy and osmosis arises in the stands as in the pit.

It’s time to breathe in between each show and the English singer tries his hand at French a few times during the evening. An opportunity to thank his fans for attending in such large numbers despite the health, economic and geopolitical context. The closeness and kindness are greatly appreciated by the public. And it wasn’t at the end of their surprise… Charm, the group’s iconic song, was interpreted in Moliere’s language by the almost terrified Chris Martin. The 45-year-old even took the time, during the concert, to do the job of prevention with the audience during this heat wave.

One of the features of this tour: the public can enjoy their evening while enjoying the trampoline or cycling. The group’s desire was not to encourage their fans to do more sports but instead to generate electricity to supply the energy needs of their concert. This was the deal for the team: They wanted to do a…but eco-friendly tour.

It’s dark, the band starts playing starry sky But the conductor, after a few seconds, allows himself to stop the show to ask the audience to leave the laptop to get the most out of it before resuming work. Unique moment.

11:15 p.m. The last song rings, fireworks explode, confetti explodes…the end of a colorful evening. Chris Martin thanks everyone present at the stadium, from the medical teams to the security guards and of course the audience. The band had a hard time leaving, especially the British singer, who is shedding a few tears of emotion after putting all his energy on stage.

As with their previous concerts, the Coldplay quartet have spared no effort to deliver a mixture of great performances, intimate moments, commitment and positivity. The recipe for the success of an intergenerational group, which sold about 300 thousand tickets on four Parisian dates … a record for the same tour at the Stade de France!

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