“Coming to Nantes is a great opportunity for my career”

Evann Guessand knows his third team in his career, on loan to Canaries from OGC Nice, his coaching club. The 21-year-old forward was also transferred for one season to Lausanne (Switzerland), in 2020. Ajaccio’s original motivation to join FC Nantes was through the prospect of playing in the Europa League and the speech of Antoine Compoire. Little by little, he gets to know his partners and adapts to a new system. Maintenance work.

What made you come to Nantes?

We played several times against Nantes last season with Nice. I knew it was a good team, that I would be in a good group, with good players. I won’t hide it, the coach played a lot in my selection. I interacted with him and others. His speech convinced me. There is also the European Cup. I’m a competitor, I want to play the biggest matches. All these reasons made me choose Nantes.

What did you like about Antoine Compoire’s speech?

I think he leaves enough freedom for his attacking players. In my young career, I still have a lot to learn. With him I can learn, especially in the mental aspect, which is related to being more aggressive on the court. Sometimes I just don’t give a damn. We talked about this kind of thing.

You have already been loaned to Lausanne for a year, during the 2020-2021 season. Did this clip come to you in Switzerland?

yes. It was my first professional experience. It made me mature, it made me learn the responsibilities that an attacker should take. It never occurred to me to be a club striker. I was going out of season with the Nice Reserve. It made me grow mentally, and I came back more to Nice. I grew up in football.

“I think I will have more playing time in Nantes”

How did you rule your last season with Nice?

feverish. I arrived injured, extended. I played a little. When I got my head out of the water, I hit again, against Marseille. It’s been a season not quite as good as I wanted it to be. I want to play every game and play well and that’s what I couldn’t do last season. It also justifies my choice to come here, because I think I have more playing time.

What is your favorite site?

I do not have. I trained as a winger, but because of my size, I quickly swung into the center of the attack. But I don’t care to play in a lane, in the front or in two lines up front. I know all these systems. It’s the versatility I have, which appeals to many coaches.

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How would you describe yourself as a striker?

I’m in speed, rhythm. I have a large volume compared to certain attackers. I also have a technique.

You will find Christophe Galtier your former coach at OGC Nice on Sunday. What did you learn under him?

Away from the coach, this is the season that has brought me. It was the first time I had such a competition (Delort, Gouiri, Dolberg). It gave me a lot mentally. I don’t know if there is another player like this in France, apart from PSG. I managed the tough moments of the season.

“I need to feel good in my environment”

Wasn’t it difficult to be behind them in the hierarchy?

You have to see the bright side of things. I am still young. I wanted to learn from what I saw. Once I got on the field, I wanted to show the coach that I could play too.

How do you feel about getting a one-year loan with no purchase option?

Even if there was an option to buy, it wouldn’t change a thing. I will live the season well. I came to help the team, there are good goals that present themselves with the championship and the two cups. I’m with FC Nantes until the end and we’ll see what happens at the end of the season. Coming to Nantes is a great opportunity for my career.

video. Presentation by Evan Gesand to the media

How did the first preparatory matches go?

I’m adjusting to a new regime, 3-5-2, for my new teammates. This is the period to shape everything. We get along, we understand each other little by little. We train something, from the goalkeeper to the striker. We are gaining momentum since the first match against Juncam so far. I feel much better. I better understand what the coach is asking of us.

Did you feel as soon as you arrived that the group is living well?

Even before coming here, when we saw them approaching the final, we felt like a united group. No player was above the other, the team was above all else. She gave a certain picture. It’s family here, we are all brothers. It changes from Nice and Lausanne. I need to feel good about my environment to do things well afterwards.

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