Company of Heroes 3: The new king of the realistic strategy game? Our impressions!

game news Company of Heroes 3: The new king of the realistic strategy game? Our impressions!

After first contacting them in July 2021, Company of Heroes 3 is back to rock the strategists inside of us! During a new presentation, we were able to discover Afrikakorps, an unprecedented German division operating in Africa in the 1940s. for one hour. Does this new episode live up to the series’ prestigious legacy? Here is our review!

If you don’t know Company of Heroes, it was one of the big names in real-time strategy (RTS) games in the middle of World War II. So after Normandy and then the Western Front in the first and second episode, Sega and Relic Entertainment take us to the Mediterranean With Company of Heroes 3, lesser known – but equally important – clashes took place. “It is not easy to tell a story but it is important to do it,” the studio explains, during a presentation dedicated to the press. As part of Operation North Africa, one of the big parts of the single-player campaign, players will be able to immerse themselves in the battles of Tobruk, Gazelle and El Alamein. But for now, we have been able to discover Ajdabiya in Libya. This is “Mission Alpha”, which opened the operation in Africa. A chance to survey the rather harsh terrain of a war and lead the offensive in the company of Afrikacorps, the new faction of this third episode.

Want to try Mission Alpha?

If you’re already involved in the co-development of Company of Heroes 3 and have access to the previous Pre-Alpha, Mission Alpha will automatically appear in your Steam library. If not, it is not too late to join in.”CoH . development” Game.

declared ambition

Sega and Relic Entertainment have told us from the start that “Company of Heroes 3 will be the most ambitious installment in the series,” both for single player and multiplayer. Then of course there’s the new main adventure functionality, which requires pawns to advance and spend action points on a large civilization-style map (we haven’t seen more on that topic). But more simply, Company of Heroes 3 will offer Four playable factions as soon as they release on November 17th on Steam Against two in the past: the Americans, the British, the Wehrmacht and the New Afrikakor. There are no major changes to the software already known to the teams, except for increased global gameplay depth and an affordable British clan. Team USA maintains its agile and aggressive character and Germany remains a solid and defensive base. On the other hand, Afrikakorps should offer “very new” gameplay to fans of the franchise. Studio Relic talks about a “mechanical and mobile” faction capable of quickly deploying strategies and attacks. Everything takes on more meaning with new gameplay features:

  • tank ridesClimb his troops onto an armored chariot to advance faster.
  • tow car“Drag/drop artillery pieces in order to cover/attack areas.
  • side shield“: Armored vehicle damage is more specific to the rear/sides.
  • traversable trenchesA tank climbed on top of a trench, even if it was occupied.
  • (Finally, and for the first time, front-line pedestrians can repair vehicles)

“In the desert, dust”

After a full briefing, we embarked on the first mission of Operation North Africa. Our goal is to eliminate the British forces between the cities of Ajdabiya, Missos and Sauna. As is often the case, the battle begins in a corner of the map, with an army that can reach a certain threshold depending on the resources and control points recovered. The first element that challenges: the nature of the terrain. The Libyan desert retains its share of the vertical, an element that can put you in a position of strength – if you are your Highness – as well as failure. Fans of the genre know it: in Company of Heroes as in all RTS, you have to touch your way, anticipating the unexpected hidden in the fog of war (the dark area outside the army’s field of view). Furthermore, while we’re at it, remember that this episode introduces for the first time an active break that is only valid for the singles segment. Enough to freeze the action, develop a strategy, and then resume the course of things!

Company of Heroes 3: The new king of the realistic strategy game?  Our impressions!Company of Heroes 3: The new king of the realistic strategy game?  Our impressions!

A perfect feature for newcomers: Company of Heroes 3 is a bit of a genre that can quickly overwhelm the player, having to manage multiple teams and attacks at the same time. About it, we appreciate Flexibility offered by Afrikakorps. Pulling and moving artillery pieces (Pak 38 anti-tank in our case) can be crucial but requires a lot of anticipation. The ability to repair vehicles directly with pedestrians is clearly a huge advantage. As a reminder, Relic Entertainment is looking forward to getting closer to Company of Heroes 1 here, appreciating the good guys on the battlefield more than ever and extending tank build times. A very good option for avoiding battles that end with staggered armor, even if that side remains solid, especially with Side Armor. Overall, we most enjoyed our game session with Company of Heroes 3. There is still work to be done in Relic studio (a lot of rendering bugs, some more restrictive) but everything is fine. See you in November to see more.

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