Confirmed the club’s relegation to National

The ax fell. Elan Béarnais was permanently relegated to the National. The DNCCG, the financial policeman of French basketball, announced the bad news. “senior management board […] It has decided to confirm its decision to decline the commitment of ELAN BEARNAIS PAU LACQ ORTHEZ in the French Betclic ELITE and PRO B Championship for the 2022-2023 season.Can we read the press release sent out Monday evening. The decision is related to the highly uncertain financial situation and a deficit of one million euros. This decision can still be appealed to the Federal Appeals Chamber. Within ten days.

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embarrassing accounts

The CSG sent a document that could have been submitted on Monday to the DNCCG. You can find a list of companies that Americans owe money to. For example, it is written thatThey owe €58,200 to SNCF Voyageurs, and in a comment: “SNCF will survive.”

Document sent by CSG to DNCCG
Document sent by CSG to DNCCG
Document sent by CSG to DNCCG

CSG never paid Pau

At the beginning of last season, the club was bought by the American group CSG. Quick acquisition, NBA pros at Béarn; Before the story turns into a nightmare. In sporting terms, the season has put the stars in our eyes. However, we learn that Players were paid late in May. In the process, we also discovered that CSG had not paid the City of Pau for the acquisition. Pit 800,000 euros.

On June 23, the DNCCG sanctioned Elan and rescinded her to the National. A blow to everyone who loves the club. We could have expected a start from the American group. No reaction. Supporters had gathered on Monday at the end of the day in front of the Municipal Council, in front of the Bau Municipal Council.

Francois Bayrou says to exchange with potential investors

According to Mayor Bao, this new decision was predictable, but it should not prevent giving up all hope. He says he’s already thinking about the repercussions, while remaining very vague: “There are a number of investors who have spoken, who have come forward, but the question now is how robust their bottom line will be.”.

As François Bayrou suggests, Town Hall still intends to worry about Elan Béarnais’ fate : “Of course, we are no longer part of the club, but we are attached enough to Ilan Bernier and this sporting heritage that the club represents to be ready to support whatever can be put into place.”.

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