Corinne Deacon (France): “I hope the result will be fireworks on our National Day”

“After the victory over Italy (5-1), are you afraid that your opponents will form a very low mass that is difficult to get past?
We expect everything. We’ve been working on several things for a while. In a few World Cup qualifying matches, we’ve come across this type of team. We were able to answer in that time, so if it happens tomorrow (Thursday), we will find the answers.

How important is it to qualify for the second game in a competition like this?
It does not change anything, because we will wait for the result of Italy – Iceland (6:00 pm Thursday). This second match may not guarantee our qualification. In any case, we will not have finished our three-game mini-league.

What were the words for your team after beating Italy to avoid overconfidence against Belgium?
I didn’t need to talk much, because they alone, after the match, focused on their recovery and the match tomorrow. (Thursday). We talk about osmosis between adults and children, and we can say that there is osmosis between the players and the device. We didn’t have to say that. Girls know what they have to do, and we know what our goal is.

“We work with a group, there are only eleven starting points: eleven starting points, twelve waiting places. The twelve waiting have the same state of mind as the starting ones.”

Is the idea of ​​providing an additional base for this model team against Belgium?
everything is possible. I didn’t have time to chat with my assistant because we left quickly after today’s session. Italy’s motto was to recover well, to prepare well for tomorrow’s match (Thursday). We have a night left of thinking before announcing the players who will play. I can count on 23 players, that’s important to me.

How did Gridge Mbok experience not being in front of Italy?
I talk to my players and I talk to all the players. We work with a group, there are only eleven places to start: eleven starting points, twelve places to wait. The waiting twelve have the same state of mind as those who begin. We may need everyone, especially during the duration of the competition.

Greg Mbok, in training with the French national team. (A. Rio / Team)

What did you not like against Italy and what would you like to see again against Belgium?
What I want to see again in particular are goals. Nothing bothered me. A soccer match cannot be 100% perfect. We pointed out two or three little things, offensive and defensive. Nothing bothered me. Girls fight, you can’t be disappointed. They’ve proven that they really want to. The goal is to repeat the same performance tomorrow.

This match takes place on the 14th of July, is it an important symbolism?
We think about it, of course. But we must not get the wrong goal. We have a game to play and win. I hope the match and the result will be the fireworks of our National Day. »

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