Covid-19: Tests and vaccination…what has changed as the epidemic passes and what continues

As the Covid-19 epidemic runs out and the state of health emergency has been lifted since August 1, 2022, Medidispatch Performs a practical review of what has changed in terms of testing, vaccination or isolation rules.

They’ve been a part of every moment we’ve had for a little over two years. Semi-Weekly PCR Tests As Covid-19 circulated, wait for a slot until you are able to get vaccinated… All this now looks good and is really over. At least for now: The virus is still spreading, even if it has less impact on our lives.

Every day on average, 29,628 cases of Covid-19 were recorded in France between August 1 and 7, according to data from Public Health France. But when, in the face of the epidemic receding, the general mobilization to combat the disease gives way to a local network, how is testing or vaccination done? What are the isolation rules now if we test positive? Dispatch make a point.

• 5,090 positive cases were identified within 24 hours, compared to 7,249 last Monday (few tests are being done on Sunday)

• Nearly 30,000 positive cases were recorded each day (on average over the past week), compared to 130,000 fewer than last month. \ ud83d \ udcc9 #Covid 19


– Nicholas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) August 8, 2022

Where and how is the test done?

Faced with the declining number of daily cases of Covid-19, the institutions regulating tests to detect the coronavirus are fewer and fewer. No more covid-tested white canvas tents on our streets, for example.

If you want to take the test today, you’ll need to make an appointment and go to the lab. Some pharmacies also continue to run tests, especially antigens, but tests are often done by appointment. Some university hospitals continue to run tests without specifying an appointment.

Be careful: despite the end of the health emergency, the reimbursement policy for anti-Covid tests remains unchanged: they will remain free for vaccinated people, while unvaccinated people will have to pay around 40 euros for a PCR test. , and between 16 and 45 euros for an antigen test.

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Where is the vaccination done?

Once again, the drop in demand has led to the shutdown of the famous “vaccines”, in which several doses of anti-Covid serum are given daily. From now on, you will be able to make an appointment at pharmacies, in medical offices or with your doctor to receive your dose of the vaccine.

According to data from Santé Publique France dated August 7, 2022, 40533242 people received their third dose of anti-Covid serum, or 59.7% of the population. Health authorities also added that 5,419,611 people had taken their fourth dose of the vaccine.

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What about isolation rules?

If you test positive for Covid-19, be aware that isolation rules remain the same despite the lifting of the health emergency. If you are vaccinated, you will be responsible for self-isolation for a full seven days. The period may be reduced to five days if by chance it was negative before the end of the period of isolation;

If you have not been vaccinated, you will have to stay in isolation for the full ten days, unless you test negative before the end of the imposed period: you can then only stay in isolation for seven days.

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