Covid-19, the Franco-French controversy and the collection of stuffed animals

Today’s stage: Morzine les Portes du Soleil-Megève (148.1 kilometers)

We can expect action inside the peloton the day after the second day of the Tour de France rest. Competitors will benefit from a 148.1 kilometer route through the Haute Savoy, which has to offer “Three hours and forty-five hours of cycling at a brisk pace; we will go over 40 kilometers per hour on average”Victor Lafay (Cofidis) bet, interrogate him bike magazine In his number before the tour. The organization deliberately chose “Less difficult than it was in 2016, when I took a stage in the opposite direction”says former pro Yannick Talbardon (in Peloton from 2002 to 2013), who bets on the hitter’s victory.

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However, there are four ascents in the program, but only one catches the eye. In a time on the shores of Lake Geneva, the contestants will take two passes of 4e Category: Chevenoz coast (2.2 km at 2.9%), Châtillon-sur-Cluses coast (4.5 km at 3.9%), and will climb, in the meantime, Col de Gambas (6.7 km at 3.8%), seeded. 3e category. The stage win would be rather disputed at the top of the climb to the Megève Cliff (19.2 km at 4.1%), the peace justice expected from this 10e The theater.


the reason

And why not double it for Leonard Kamna ? German climber from Bora-Hansgrohe, individual winner of 4e The 2020 Critérium du Dauphiné, whose access has been disputed at the top of the climb to Megève Harbor, will find the floor it appreciates. He was caught by the candidates in the last 500 meters of the excellent Belles-Files board during 7e The stage, Friday July 8, the 25-year-old rider can try again in a long break. Looks like the figure is there.


A little lively so far in this 2022 tour, the Cofidis Group will be delighted to see the locals succeed in the theatre, Victor Lafay. Winner of the surprise stage of the Tour of Italy in 2021, the Lyon native finds his home “Young Ways” As captured him bike magazine before departure. Specialized in efforts on the intermediate slopes, he will be keen to make his team smile again after the package of Guillaume Martin, who has tested positive for Covid-19 before the start of the 9e The theater.


“I don’t regret being morally legitimate, but it is clear that when you are too nice, you get spoiled.”

The third runner forced to leave the Tour de France due to Covid-19, on Sunday 10 July, Guillaume Martin poorly digests his inability to continue the adventure. “It’s a big technical blur and that’s where I feel bad. I stuck to the idea that the protocol was arranged so that a positive runner could go on, but without symptoms. I thought I’d fit into that box”Projection Monday Cofidis leader in an interview with the team. None of the tests performed Sunday evening by the entire peloton came back positive.

round wrap

The peloton is already bordered on its Swiss side during 8e and 9e Stages, you will see Lake Geneva this time on the French side. It is impossible to say goodbye to this 72.8-kilometre gem shared by the two countries without talking about it. This ancient lake was formed from the gradual melting of the Rhone glacier, approximately sixteen thousand years ago. This basin is mainly fed by the Rhone River, and its area is 582 km2 However, it is affected by the consequences of global warming.

This phenomenon is unknown, but it has serious consequences. The lack of water circulation, which has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, poses a risk of suffocation of species in the greater depths of the lake (between 130 m and 309 m). The fault of increasingly mild winters no longer allows the usual mixing of water under the influence of cold and wind. In addition to the frightening disappearance of fish and other living creatures, “Phosphorous, brought by human activities such as agriculture, is very present”writing RFI, which could lead to algal blooms if it reaches the surface. To preserve this natural beauty, there is a fire in the lake.

In the past

On July 10, 1985, the Tour peloton set off from Morzine for an endless 10e Stage 269 km. With seven passes on the way, the slate doesn’t appeal to runners. A non-aggression pact was established in the first half of the stage. But Joël Pelier has ants in his legs and bothers Bernard Hinault. The rude yellow shirt brings personally. A heated discussion ensued between the two men. Joël Pelier didn’t even like it, and promised to start over, with or without “Badger” permission. Away from this Franco-French controversy, Colombian climbers ignited the latest ascent to Lans-en-Vercors. Fabio Parra leads Lucho Herrera, winner of the previous day. Joel Belair will keep his promise. In 1989 he finally won his stage after a long hiatus before hanging up his bike the following year to become…a woodcarver.

broom trolley

If there is still doubt about the identity of the cyclists who celebrated the first week of the Tour de France, a visit to the team’s bus parking lot – the famous circuit – is enough to remove any ambiguity. In addition to their real-world jobs, coaches in various formations work to demonstrate the prowess of their passengers.

How do you ask? By arranging the advertising gifts distributed by the event sponsors with the distinctive jerseys during the award ceremonies behind the windshields.

Belgian Wout van Aert won the soft games given to the yellow jersey, the green jersey and the fight of the day.

In this mini game, it is impossible to compete with the UAE bus Tadej Pojakar. Not so much with Jumbo-Visma, who, thanks to Wout van Aert, wore the lion offered for the yellow jersey, the lynx Felix awarded for the green jersey and the fighting crow of the day.

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