Crush the Decathlon with this new set that’s a real hit!

Are you a woman and love to walk? Then the product we are talking about today may be of great interest to you. As we know, hiking requires athletes to have a certain amount of equipment. Start with good shoes. It is simply necessary. As for the outfit, it is necessary to respect the climatic conditions. Will it be hot, cold, dry or wet? But sometimes some clothes are uncomfortable. Especially for women. But with the version released by Decathlon, you will be thrilled.

Decathlon presents a hiking dress

It is a dress made for women and designed with the help of women. Because walking can become effective quickly with some clothes that are stretched at the level of the thighs, waist and abdomen. With Decathlon, hiking becomes fun again. Thanks to the Exploor Women’s Picnic Dress, which sells for only €20. This dress allows you to walk in nature and mountains with real freedom of movement. You are not tight and never will be. The design teams chose lightweight and breathable components: recycled polyester or dry-cleaned polyester depending on the colours.

This dress is designed with the help of itinerant women, so that their expectations are fully respected. That is why it is important that the material chosen is stretchy and trapezoidal, in order to provide a perfect fit according to the silhouettes. The dress has two pockets with a zipper. It is enough to allow you to take some accessories with you.

It provides real softness, a real feel of lightness and quick drying. So one can understand the reason for success at this point when meeting.

Decathlon and the controversy over the veil

This creativity reminds us how much the French company wants to meet the expectations of all women…even if it means irritating a part of France. How ? By simple marketing of the supplement: Athletic hijab. The company’s employees were threatened, while the brand supports its idea and wants to allow all women to exercise in good conditions, without excluding Muslim women. But millions of people do not hear it that way and see in this creation new evidence for the advancement of a controversial theory, the theory of the great alternative.

Finally, Decathlon stopped marketing hijabs. But they come back in a different form. Or rather under another name: the multifunctional headband. Among these functions, it is possible to turn this headband into a veil.

Avoid hiking during this time

If the Decathlon dress version makes you want to go hiking, you’d better beware. During heat waves, it is not recommended to exercise, especially outdoors, and even less often in the sun. And for good reason, it is dangerous to health. You risk, for example, overheating. It is the opposite of hypothermia. In other words, an increase in body temperature. You can die from it.

Doctors are official. This week, the temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius in some French cities and regions. Under these weather conditions, you are advised not to leave your home between 11am and 7pm/8pm. Remember to drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty: your body is no longer required if you are sweating. Stay well in the shade.

And if you really want to exercise, prioritize exercising indoors in cool places, and always drink plenty of water. If you are sweating, this is to allow the body to cool down. But it makes sense to lose a lot of water.

Even in the mountains, temperatures rose. Wait a few days for the heat wave to pass before planning a hiking trip.. Even if you really want to try on your new dress, your health is at risk during a heat wave. As a reminder, the year 2003 caused the death of more than 20 thousand people.

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