Cyril Ferro bustle, shocked by a false headline from People magazine

On Friday, August 12, Cyril Ferro spotted the cover of the magazine France Sunday Which treats confusion and even turns out to be a lie. Furious, he made his indignation known on Twitter.

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Here is a cover that does not have more, but not at all Cyril Feraud. In recent days, the France 3 host has suspended his summer vacation for a while. This is for the program fund dedicated to the Lorient Alpine Festival, where he went, with the goal of broadcasting scheduled for Sunday, August 14. This task was accomplished and he was able to leave yesterday on the path to the sun. But a new element, unexpected and completely out of his control, is making him furious this time around. Blame the magazine France SundayThe latest issue was released on Friday, August 12. And what do we discover? A catchy title that defies: “So young, so beautiful, what an injustice..a crushing cancer”. This “information” is associated with the name and photo of the handsome boy from strong hit. This one falls in the middle, with a large size.

Cyril Feraud is upset with the manner of the famous celebrity magazine

Problem: Cyril Feraud is not at all seriously ill. It is actually quite a misleading vile association. We find out already inside the magazine that the paper dedicated to the topic narrates the friendship that connected the host with the late singer Daniel Levy and simply explains the grieving reaction to this first. Except that the title used and the photo create confusion that it was he who had been diagnosed with cancer. A way to get your readers’ attention that makes him scream. On Twitter, he says: “Waking up to see this…everything indicates that I am seriously ill. They are actually talking about the tragic disappearance of Daniel Levy. We may know the tricks of this kind of magazine, but that’s no less shocking. Daniel Levy’s thoughts”.

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Netizens were shocked, and showed him their solidarity

This insulting comment angered netizens, who in turn have no taste for the methods France Sunday and support for Cyril Feraud. “Amazing! These magazines use situations in an obnoxious way! They are bad dreams on paper! The main thing is to be truthful and to take care of yourself”Someone writes. “What a shame to do this to you Cyril, feel free to complain. Thank God you don’t have Cyril’s cancer, luckily you are in good health! Great thought for Daniel Levy who left us and who was a great artist”adds another anonymous person.

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