Daily horoscope for Friday, August 12, 2022

Today, the energy of the full moon in Aquarius is gaining human consciousness!

Sure, you’ve felt its power, but do you know its effects on yourself?

We present to you a special horoscope for the full moon, so that you know in which sector of your life the star of the night will help you evolve by bringing renewal!

The place in your birth chart where the intense moon occurred will be the land of intense change for the next six months.

Show your desires for transformation, and let the magic of the stars work …

Daily horoscope for Friday, August 12, 2022: love, health, work …


Today, dear Aries, the full moon inspires you to try to understand your personal value in your social circle. Do your personal values ​​align with those around you? Bring in renewal, leave behind the relationships that weigh you down.

the Bull

The full moon has occurred in your astrological affiliation zone, here is the question for today, Taurus friend: How long do I live as I have learned? Am I free to make my own choices or do I follow the mandates of my family line? Think about it and give yourself the opportunity to change if necessary.


The astrological axis of your sign that you invested during this full moon is the axis of knowledge. Ask yourself if you are, intellectually, staying in your comfort zone or if you are daring new ideas into your life. Dare to suggest new ideas, and go beyond your limits in terms of knowledge.


Full Moon asks you to review your relationship with material resources. A change in your approach to this may be required. Are you ready to change your current situation to produce more efficient and respectful of your desires?


Your relationship with others is the subject of this full moon’s heart for you. Does your ego dominate, or are you able to put her to sleep from time to time to have deep conversations with others? Do you have real, mutual relationships, where you need to change something about them?


Your full moon message is related to your business. Are you in a work dynamic that brings you satisfaction, or do you need to change your vision on this topic to live your daily life better? Find a way to make your routine fun!


The centerpiece of your astrological creativity has been influenced by this full moon in Aquarius. Is your ability to create in relation to others, or from a specific and individual desire that belongs to you alone? Find your passion in introspection. Don’t neglect your personality.

The scorpion

The full moon in Aquarius occurs in the energy axis of your birth chart. Ask yourself: How much control do you need? Can you give up on making changes in your life and letting go of people, situations, or things that prevent you from developing? Fall cleaning promises to be intense here…


Today, the question that the full moon asks you is the following: Do you live according to your own philosophy of life, or do you adapt to those imposed on you by society? Find your deepest ideals and live by your own rules.


Is your life governed by the external necessities of your desires, or are you able to listen to yourself in everyday life? Are community rules your guide or are you able to enforce your own? Respect your inner will so as not to get drunk in the constant urgency of the request!


Is your vision of life open to change, or do you remain safe with a look that reassures you? Would you be ready to leap into the void, if that gave you the opportunity to live a life freer and according to your deepest desires? Red or blue pill, the choice is yours!

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Today, the full moon in Aquarius invites you to consider your health and well-being. Are you able to take care of your body and mind as one? Think about the changes you would be willing to make in your life to get in better shape.

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