Daniel Levy in hospital: His wife shares a disturbing message, and fans are in shock!

On the Torah Chest, Sandrine Bukara launches a request for help. For those who don’t know, she’s Danielle Levy’s wife! Why is this woman talking so urgently? However, we just learned that she has just received excellent news. The singer’s wife will become a mother for the fourth time in her life. However, she doesn’t look entirely happy. We explain to you!

Daniel Levy’s wife worries the public with her message!

At the end of July, bad news spread about the health of Daniel Levy. We note that the artist’s wife announced this His condition was getting more serious.

In addition, he may lose his life if it continues to deteriorate. By publishing it, the young woman wrote: “Urgent” followed by “Our singer friend needs our prayers more than ever to be healed now!”.

Daniel Levy suffers from what disease exactly? in 2019, He was diagnosed with colon cancer. After this news, he was immediately forced to undergo rigorous treatment in order to recover.

However, his body reacted poorly to the treatment protocols. Which earned him hospitalization last April! In addition, he had to undergo a lobotomy. He is currently undergoing his new treatment at home. Apparently, it’s not final yet!

Sandrine Abukara asks for our support!

Daniel Levy’s wife announced in her warning that the artist’s new treatment protocol appears to be ineffective. For this purpose, the singer feels more and more badly! Faced with this situation, the young woman begins to lose hope and becomes depressed.

In other words, you no longer know where to turn! His only recourse is to resort to religion. It should be noted that Members of this family are true believers in Judaism.

Thus, to help them in this battle, the latter sensitized all netizens Start a prayer chain. She believes that in this way, Daniel Levy will soon make a full recovery.

To do this, the artist’s wife commented on the painting: “Let us pray together for his complete recovery.” She added, “Let’s mobilize and act immediately!” According to her, the Ten Commandments singer will need everyone’s support!

Daniel Levy: The young woman encourages her fellow Jews to join them!

Aside from the star’s fans, Sandrine Abukara also turned to her friends in the Jewish community. I also asked for their help.

Thus, Daniel Levy’s husband asks the Jewish Francophone Society to do soDemanding women to perform Mtsvh Hafara solution.

This is a ritual on Saturday to make a religious complaint. This is a Daniel Levy healing request!

At the same time, to make a maximum of Tehillim (Psalms) in their prayers. this way, Their request will have a quick answer from heaven !

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