Danny Boone is the victim of a multi-million euro scam in Ireland

Danny Bon, one of the highest paid French actors. Daniel Derajinsky / Abaca

The actor is suing a fake Irish leader who paid €6.7 million in 2021, accusing him of fraud.

This is not the synopsis of the upcoming comedy by the actor and director of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis but the adventure he is aiming for and which the newspaper is talking about. Irish Examiner. Danny Boone is allegedly the victim of a €6.7 million scam by a fake Irish master. According to information from the Irish media, he is in legal proceedings against Thierry Vialik Perlis, alias Terry Perlis, alias Thierry Waterford-Mandeville and several of the latter’s subsidiaries due to “fraud and deception”.

The story begins in 2021. Keen to find a company capable of managing the maintenance and various services of his yacht, omarin, The actor, on the advice of a friend, appealed to this lying Irish master, Mr. Perls. Selon la plainte, l’escroc présumé aurait rapidement noué une relation de confiance avec son client, lui conseillant de faire appel à la société South Seas Merchants Mariners Ltd Partnership (SSMM), lui assurant que sa famille était à l’origine de l’ a company.

Then Danny Boone makes the down payment of €2.2 million to pay for handling and insurance costs on the yacht. However, the verification of insurance will prove that it does not exist. The address for a hardware store in… Samoa.

The story could end there, but, given the confidence, the alleged fraud who actually managed to convince the actor that he was an expert in maritime law and an imminent member of the royal yacht club cork He continues his work. Perhaps aware of Danny Boone’s controversial tax practices, he pushed the French representative – and Belgian resident – to join an investment program directly linked to the Central Bank of Ireland. With the promise of 3.25% interest every year at stake… tax-free, of course. In July 2021, the actor made a second payment of 4.5 million euros.

The inevitable happened

Things started to go downhill a few months later when SSMM was acquired by an Italian family. After the wind felt its turn, Danny Boone would ask for his money back. without result. Always close to the wealth advisor, yacht manager and Irish lord, he is warned that the money is in South Korea and Panama. Meanwhile, he was contacted by an anonymous source to warn him of Mr. Perls’ alleged scams. Danny Boone immediately orders an investigation from his attorney, who would have quickly discovered the rose pot and the extent of the fraud.

SSMM is actually a front company that was not bought by an Italian family, but still belongs to Terry Birles. As for the Irish Bank program, it simply does not exist. according toIrish Examinerthe money was to be used by the mysterious false lord for the acquisition and renewal of property on the Emerald Isle, as well as boats, some of which are currently participating in races on the coasts of this same island.

Since then, Danny Boone and his lawyers have filed a complaint in Ireland. The first emergency order was passed and allowed the assets and all of Mr. Perls’ assets to be frozen on the other side of the Canal. Hearings are ongoing and the court’s decision is scheduled to be known soon.

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