Deaths during demonstrations against MONUSCO installations in Goma and Butembo

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Monday’s rallies turned into looting and looting of the UN mission headquarters. On Tuesday, 26 July 2022, the Congolese authorities expressed their regret for at least five dead and fifty wounded in Goma, and according to police sources, in Butembo, the death toll reached ten.

Goma, Butembo, Brown. Demonstrations since Monday spread to several towns in North Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to demand the departure of Monusco. Demonstrations have now spread to several cities in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to demand the departure of Monusco. And they are more and more violent with death. Government spokesman Patrick Moaya said that at least five were among the protesters in Goma. And in Butembo, the third largest city in North Kivu, according to police sources, the temporary death toll, Tuesday, reached 10, including 7 protesters, three MONUSCO members, an Indian and a Moroccan.

Two blue helmets and two United Nations police officers were killed on Tuesday in Butembo (North Kivu) during an attack on the Monesco base. The attackers violently snatched weapons from the #PNC elements and shot the peacekeepers Selected on Twitter MONUSCO.

On Monday, in Goma, the headquarters and logistics base of the United Nations mission was looted and looted by protesters chanting “Get out, Monusco”. The Congolese police and army were overwhelmed.

The United Nations mission that fired the warning shots was accused of firing from its headquarters at the demonstrators. In a letter to a spokesperson for Monusco RFI ” Negates “and deplores” A blunt lie and a montage “.

The first deaths in Goma were announced in a tweet by the government spokesperson. Patrick Moya also promised to hold a joint press conference with the deputy head of the UN mission on “ The human and material losses and the consequences of these events “.

Hundreds of people have surrounded, since Monday, the headquarters and logistics base of the United Nations mission in Goma, Monosco, which they consider ineffective in the fight against armed groups in the east of the country. Tires and plastic burned in front of the gate, Monday, and the demonstration turned into looting and looting of buildings. The demonstrations also paralyzed the city of Butembo, an important commercial center in North Kivu, as well as the northern city of Beni, 350 kilometers north of Goma.

The Congolese authorities have condemned any form of attack on United Nations personnel and installations. Monoscu states that the demonstrations were banned by the mayor of Goma. But the youth of the Presidential Party UDPS encouraged them two weeks ago, Senate President Monusco called out to ” strap ‘, in an already very tense atmosphere.

We must put an end to this kind of outsourcing our security, with all these organizations coming to Congo to bring us peace. We don’t need new armies or stabilization missions that have done nothing all these years.

Gislan Mahioa, spokeswoman for the civil society organization La Lucha

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