Delphine Weisspizer turns the page on this period of her life and she is an extremist!

Delphine Weisbeezer was recently captured by Closer magazine reporters. The issue in question hit newsstands on Friday, August 5th. In this interview, Miss France 2011 mentioned a very painful memory. Without further ado, Objeko brings you this adventure that wasn’t without consequences for the young woman.

Delphine Weisspizer talks about her summer memories of Closer

Like many women and men, Delphine Wespiser loves to bask in the sun. What a pleasure to wear beautiful tanned skin all summer season! But exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays can be dangerous. Miss tested this a few years ago. Tanning without any sun protection is not a good idea. If Delphine knew that, that didn’t stop her from it Totally indulge yourself in the pleasures of sunbathing !

In this interview, not only did the beauty evoke painful memories. As entrusted to one of them Best holiday memories. “Camping on a boat in the Channel Islands, with my close friends. I was 14 and my first vacation without my parents. Independence is mine!” She said.

Summer Vacation: This is a rather nice interview topic for Delphine Wespiser. In fact, I enjoyed conjuring up many things strong memories. Good or bad, they tell us a little more about the beauty queen’s personality. And so his fans discovered one of his holiday habits. “I cut off my phone for a whole day. I also do it on Sundays during the year. In the summer I also try to detoxify the network to live in the present”. captured. Here is an example we all follow. Widgets can only be useful!

A mistake you won’t make twice

Among the memories of Delphine Wespiser’s holiday, there is the famous sunburn. Here, it is not about following the example of the previous miss. On the contrary, the young lady showed us what not to do. Three years ago, she was in Cannes to enjoy a romantic getaway with her companion Roger.

Happy to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, columnist for “Touche pas Mon Poste” Long exposure to ultraviolet rays Without using sunscreen. Fatal error! The beauty ended with a violent sunburn in the neckline. This wound left its mark. “Since then I have spots and fine lines on my chest” I explained. It was then that she revealed that she drew a line under one of her favorite activities. “It’s true that I feel better in the summer, but for two years I’ve been avoiding the sun because of the fine lines that appeared. When I was younger, I loved making pancakes all day in the sun, but it’s all over!”. So Delphine Wespiser is done with long tanning sessions at the water’s edge. Now you want Keeps your skin healthy !

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