Dennitsa Ikonomova, a baby with François Allou, the good news becomes clearer

In a year-long relationship with François Allo, Dennitsa Ekonomova was pregnant with her first child. And that might be the reason why she stopped Dancing with the Stars.

The dancer explained on her Instagram page why she refused to return for another season of Dancing with the Stars, as a juror. However, his analyzes have been highly regarded by fans of the show
“I would have loved to relive this experience but fate decided otherwise…
I wish all the best to the four judges and the new nominees, as well as to all my dancer friends who will continue to amaze you, I’m sure! ‘, she has indicated on this social network.

“But don’t worry, we won’t let him go. Butterfly must now break out into new heights and we will see each other again very soon for many more surprises and adventures.”

The general magazine talked about a minor boom.
A source stated, “We offered her a pretty big check to become Star Ac’s choreographer.” “Denitsa Ikonomova could have received a big check to be transferred to another TF1 show.”
Closer does not share this statement and reports the pregnancy.
The young woman was waiting for a happy event.

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