Disclosure of his party’s ties to the Moon cult forces the Japanese Prime Minister to reshuffle his government

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida reshuffled his cabinet on Wednesday, August 10. Its primary goal: to halt the decline in its popularity rating, which has fallen by 13 points in three weeks to 46%, according to a survey by public broadcaster NHK. In addition to rising prices, escalating tensions over Taiwan and the seventh wave of Covid-19, the Japanese have little taste for Mr. Kishida’s decision to organize a state funeral for Shinzo Abe, the assassinated former prime minister. July 8. Mr. Abe’s policies, particularly on security, are not unanimous, and revelations of his links to the Unification Church, better known as the Moon Sect, have shocked public opinion.

The perpetrator of the assassination, Tetsuya Yamagami, explained his gesture through the ties between Mr. Abe and the organization his mother was a follower of. The shock is even greater because what has been revealed since the assassination is related to the relationship between the elected representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD in power) and the sect, to the point of weakening the government. Hence Mr. Kishida’s decision to separate from the ministers who are considered too close to the UC. So left Nobu Kishi, the younger brother of Shinzo Abe, who was ousted from the Ministry of Defense after admitting that the cult’s followers had campaigned for him. Previously, the Minister of Economy, Koichi Hagiuda, was reassigned to run the political affairs of the Democratic Liberation Party. It’s also game over for Satoshi Ninoyo, the head of the National Public Security Committee, who pays the price for Mr. Abe’s security mistakes. He admitted to attending events related to the Unification Church, but “Just to meet people as a politician”.

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However, the new team is not untouched by the sect. Akihiro Nishimura, the new environment minister, explained that he was unaware that the church was the organizer of an event he attended. “I thought it was a conservative forum”He defended himself. Sana Takaichi, the new economic security minister, who is fiercely nationalistic, confidant of Shinzo Abe and one of only two women in the cabinet, admitted that she was the subject of a report in a cult publication in 2001.

Simple “Rebolinage”

“I have named personalities who have agreed to reconsider their relations with the Unification Church”explained Mr. Kishida, adding that the movement does not appear to have “Disappointedly affected LDP policies”. Calling a simple redesign “Rebolin”Kinta Izumi of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the main opposition party, criticizes the Democratic Liberation Party for its lack of presence He explained the links between many parliamentarians and the Church more fully. So he cannot restore the public’s trust..

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