Discover the hilarious photos of the Comedy Pet Awards 2022 finalists

The Comedy Pet Photography Awards, a competition based in London but open to amateur photographers worldwide, published the shortlist of finalists for the 2022 edition on Thursday, July 21.Celebrate the positive role of pets in our livesShows all kinds of animals (including horses, rabbits, llamas, geese, etc.) immortalized by their human friends in funny and often adorable situations.

The 30 finalist photos for the Comedy Pet Photography Awards were selected from hundreds of photos submitted to the competition from 70 different countries. The judges must now choose their favorite, who will win the various prizes (6 different categories, including one for cats and one for dogs), but the audience is also invited to vote for the first time, until August 22. Winners will be announced on September 13, 2022.

The competition, which bans any image of an animal wearing clothing or a headgear, is sponsored by the English pet insurance company Animal Friends Insurance, which will give out 30,000 pounds (about 35,000 euros) to animal charities, plus 5,000 pounds (5,850 euros) can be paid. The main winner can donate it to the charity of his choice.

Here’s our little personal selection, accompanied by the original comments (all final images here). And what is your favourite?

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