Downing Street candidate Rishi Sunak claims he diverted money from ‘disadvantaged urban areas’

5:43 PM, August 6, 2022

Former British finance minister Rishi Sunak sees his candidacy for Downing Street as tainted by financial controversy. Speaking from Tanbridge Wells in England, he explained that he had redistributed public funds, initially intended for disadvantaged areas, to wealthy societies.

Relayed by Watchman
the magazine new country state On Friday, a video was released of Rishi Sunak making controversial remarks at last week’s British Conservative meeting. During the series, the candidate to replace Boris Johnson admitted that he had redistributed funds intended for disadvantaged urban areas to the country’s rural and wealthier communities. “ It has succeeded in changing the public finance equations, to ensure that other regions like this one get the funding they deserve. We inherited a set of formulas from the Labor Party that paid all the funding to deprived urban areas and had to be rolled back You can hear him say from Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

The case was immediately seized by the British political class, much to the chagrin of the social network Twitter. Labor MP Lisa Nandy expressed her outrage in particular through the video call. scandal and calls for an investigation into the changes Submitted by Rishi Sunak. ” It’s our money. It should be spent fairly and where it is most needed – not used as a bribe to conservative members. Show your real face ‘, she argued.

Conservatives divided by controversy

Among the “conservatives”, the defense is organized. ” I think this was misunderstood because, first of all, when Rishi was in government, he made significant sums as Treasury Secretary to help with the settlement program and respond to funding needs specifically in our poorest areas, but also in areas like my own, which are not Part of the Red Wall (the nickname given to the most popular areas, editor’s note) and not one of the poorest areas in the country Former Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell, Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield, said.

Within his camp, Rishi Sunak faces opposition. Some of his colleagues, such as Conservative MP Jake Perry, have distanced themselves from the Downing Street candidate. ” Rishi Sunak prides himself on trying to divert vital investment from underprivileged areas Jake Perry mocked on Twitter.

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