Draw for Saturday 6 August 2022

“100% of the winners have tried their luck. If you dream of winning the lotto jackpot, you know what to do. Admittedly, the chances of winning the 4 million euros set by the FDJ party are slim. But what if your day and luck smiled at you? To increase your chances, You can implement different techniques. For example, do not forget the numbers between 32 and 49. If it is not often considered a lucky charm because it does not reflect dates of birth, it has a high chance of falling during the lotto draw. On the other hand, feel free to mix up the numbers Odd and even. In fact, a drawing with odd or even numbers is very rare. These two scripts we just presented to you are not guaranteed to find the winning combination, but should increase your chances. In addition, you should be aware that FDJ will also allow 10 winners drawn at random with a winning of €20,000.

Lotto score: What numbers should be marked?

To win the lotto jackpot, you had to be bold. After all, any winner since the creation of this game organized by FDJ has the advantage of trying their luck. Obviously, to pick the right numbers, getting a big dose of success is crucial. But again, without playing, you can’t express remorse. Find out below the numbers that had to be played in the Loto draw on Saturday, August 6, 2022. So, did you manage to find the winning combination?

To retry and try your luck in Loto again, just follow this link.

How do I redeem my lottery winnings?

If you play on fdj.fr or the FDJ app and win €2000 or less, you will have to go directly to your fdj.fr account. If you win more than €2000, you will then have to follow the instructions received via the email. Another scenario: You played at an FDJ point of sale. To make a profit of 30,000 euros or less, you simply have to go to your FDJ point of sale. To make a profit between €30,001 and €499,999, you must make an appointment at an FDJ payment center. For a win of €500,000 or more, contact the FDJ Customer Service at 09 69 36 60 60. After that, the Winners Relations Department will be contacted. In the event of an unknown gain, you can go to the FDJ point of sale. The correct procedure to follow according to your winnings will then be indicated. In the FDJ app, it is also possible to scan your game receipt. Feel free to contact Customer Service at 09 69 36 60 60.

Lotto: What time is the next draw?

Lotto has been so successful that the FDJ organizes it 3 times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, you have a new chance to become a millionaire thanks to the lotto jackpot. Accordingly, the next lotto draw will take place on Monday, August 8th. At the time of this writing, the FDJ has yet to report the amount floated during this draw. It should be revealed quickly on their site. So feel free to go and have a look. If you are not lucky enough to be part of the family of Loto jackpot winners, success may be on your side and who knows if you will not be able to find the winning combination? Click here to try your luck again on Monday!

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