Drummer “Don’t Forget the Words” appears in a T-shirt and panics the web!

Recently, the drummer of the show Don’t Forget the Lyrics was forced to leave Nagui and his company. However, we note that production has already found a replacement for it. This is Pierre Lockebert! On August 8, the person who took Damien’s place caused quite a stir on the web. why ? If you missed that scoop of the year, we’re bringing it back to you in this article!

Don’t forget the lyrics: the new software is already creating a buzz on the web!

Every evening during the weekends, the wonderful karaoke atmosphere moves millions of Frenchies. This is possible thanks to the program Don’t Forget Lyrics!

The Musical World of Nagui invites you to accompany them on this exciting adventure. In addition, we note that these one-night-stand singers have amazing potential. On the other hand, their voice is extraordinary It wouldn’t have such an impact on the audience without the musicians !

These people in the machine controls also play an essential role in the success of the show. To this end, the singers of “Don’t Forget the Songs” compliment each other to give this audience pleasure.

Unfortunately, the official drummer for the show was called to new heights. In other words, Damien has received an attractive offer for his career abroad. After an animated farewell drink with everyone, Pierre Lockebert took charge of the program for a long time!

Whom did the production give Damien’s chopsticks to?

Admittedly, his alternative is less well known than Damien. However, those responsible for the program did not forget the words that entrusted him with this task. How can Naghi and his friends blindly trust him?

They firmly believe that the latter has the necessary qualities to do just that! Even if you haven’t played in the major leagues yetit seems that Pierre Lockebert is already part of the professional categories.

This new drummer does not forget the words to immerse himself in this passion since his early childhood. One day during his YouTube interview with Drum-Inc, the latter said, “I started playing drums at the age of four…”

In addition, we note that he was a good coach, because his father himself shares the same talent. Apart from these details, his mother was a part of this world. The most interesting thing was that he had a battery in their basement. This allowed him to practice the whole time!

Don’t forget the words: This reveal of the show cemented its notoriety this summer!

Before we forget the words, this musician was still not in everyone’s eyes. His access to the Nagui program afforded a certain insight. Since he took over from Damian, The latter started making a name for himself with the audience. However, not in the amazing way its predecessor was!

This summer, this new song from “Don’t Forget” managed to attract the attention of netizens to it. While on a beach vacation, Pierre Lospert posted memories of his stay on his Instagram account. In his last appearance, This drummer showed himself shirtless in front of everyone. This has paralyzed Internet users!

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