€1,000 help to go on vacation: here’s how to get this help from the café!

With the high temperatures present in France, many families want to go on vacation. Unfortunately for many families it is not possible to leave due to lack of budget. Moreover, the inflation that has been raging in France for several months now makes this exit out of reach. Fortunately, the café offers assistance to families who have low income so they can Enjoy some vacation. We will explain everything here.

Take advantage of the café’s help

This aid has been distributed by CAF for three years now. Moreover, judging by the numbers, it is more than 100,000 people can benefit from it. Unfortunately, with the health crisis, the last two years, of course, did not count. But if we take into account all the family members, we can easily manage to approach them 450,000 beneficiaries Only for 2019. On average, families received 444 euros and 212 euros for children. In addition, the procedures for obtaining this help have been simplified Encouraging beneficiaries to take advantage of it.

To be eligible for this café assistance, you must match the correct profile. To do this, you must have children born between 2005 and the end of October 2021. Also, the family earnings must be less than or equal to 700 euros. If these conditions appear to be met, in which case the cafe should automatically send you a message about it. In the latter, it must be registered so that you can take advantage of the offer in addition to the amount that seems to be possible to get. only then you haveTo choose where you want to go on vacation As well as the nature of this. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that CAF only finances holidays in France, and no outside.

Fraud risk

In fact, there are more and more scams, especially when it comes to amounts. In particular, we have a place where we see screen scams and other official documents. So it is only natural to ask a question about scams using CAF as a method. So, as mentioned above, it is the Confederation of African Football (CAF) that should send you a message. But on the application CAF you have a voicemail. So if you receive a suspicious email with a link, do not click. If it is indeed CAF, you can find the message in your messaging app or website. The rule of never clicking on links works in all cases. If you have any doubt, Contact the alleged sender directly.

So, if you have the slightest doubt about a message from the coffee shop, you can call them well. In fact, it is possible to join the café on weekdays depending on availability, so feel free to contact them to verify the message you received. And don’t take risks, because the goal of these tricks is most of the time Theft of your personal data. In fact, with this, hackers can succeed Empty your bank accounts. Given the current economic context, this is not the time.

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