Earn 1 Bitcoin for Free: Binance gives you carte blanche

They have started again! The popular Binance platform This is not his first attempt. After introducing bitcoin during the lottery in March, the first exchange wants to promote its bank card, and it won’t go far. Therefore, by using the Binance Card by August 31, you are eligible to win the new jackpot. Bitcoin to start the new school year off well, would you like it?!

Not a secret. If you want to grab the immediate attention of crypto-core enthusiasts, just invoke the name King of Tokens. Binance understands this because the platform seems designed to use Satoshi Nakamoto’s best creations To take advantage of its diverse image and services.

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This time around, it’s the bank card that benefits from a campaign as the stock exchange giant now knows how to do it. The lottery will soon see one of the users of this crypto payment method win Bitcoin. And to add a little spice, many other rewards will be distributed. So feel free to request your card to try your luck in this contest on very simple terms!

Binance just announced the Bitcoin lottery on Twitter

Simple rules, many winners, what are we waiting for?

This is to support the release of His new payment card That Binance puts his hand back in his pocket. Thus, all new users who complete a transaction of at least 5 € can be attracted in this way and earn an amount ranging from 0.5 USD to 100 USD. But above all, they will all be runners up to win bitcoin during the second drawing that will take place in September.

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According to the lawsPrevious card users will not be disqualified. They are already eligible for rates ranging from 0.1 to 888 billion USD. With the exception of Bitcoin, all other prizes in BUSD, the fixed currency stamped with the Binance stamp, will be distributed directly to the winning accounts within the month following the end of the promotion. So, vacation money spent in August can pay off!

With these comprehensive bitcoin distributions, Binance It gives us very bad habits. In fact, who wouldn’t dream of earning one of these precious assets just by shopping. The frenzy that of course does a job Featured Exchange In terms of upgrade. A promotion that makes Binance Card users happy. Happiness is as simple as a deal, so why deny yourself it?

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