Elden Ring: Why is it dangerous to wear dresses?

On the Daily Gazette on August 10, we begin with the massive success of Multiversus and discover a much-anticipated character who won’t eventually arrive. We then change the game with a new discovery on the Elden Ring, before we end up announcing the movie Pac-Man. Dilly, let’s go!

Discover an amazing hardcore mode on the Elden Ring

We no longer offer the awesome FromSoftware Box! Players really took it, and continued to discover new surprises even several months after the release of Elden Ring. The latest update, 1.06, made two changes to one item: Fia’s dress, the burial companion. A symbolic figure, he already has many scandals to his credit, such as the Curse of the Umbrella. The latest addition to Fia’s quirks has been revealed with a recent update, fixing two effects for her dress. And so we learn that up until now, enemies would spot us more easily by wearing Fia’s clothing, and that by eliminating the enemy, we would harm our allies at the same time if we were wearing that garment. In other words, wearing Fia’s dress was equivalent to the game’s hidden hardcore mode, which is a bug according to the developers, and they have now removed its traces.

Multiversus is a success but the character will not pass

The big reveal of 2022 in terms of fighting games is likely to be Multiversus. The game has not been released yet Warner’s Smash Bros. is already very popular among players. Multi-platform, free-to-play and competitive, Multiversus has been in open beta only for 3 weeks, already with no fewer than 10 million players, and has won its formula and character roster from various Warner licenses. The game is not officially released yet! The first season of the competitive mode has been postponed to an as yet unknown date, and with it the addition of new characters. Like Rick from the Rick and Morty series. On the other hand, the highly anticipated character will not arrive in the end. Unfortunately, Gandalf, the sorcerer from The Lord of the Rings, was kept due to rights issues with the Tolkien Estate.

Pac-Man gets a live action movie

In recent years, many video game licenses have been entitled to modify the movie, such as Uncharted, Pok√©mon, or Sonic, or even in a series by Resident Evil and soon The Last of Us. We know one of the Mario movies is in the works, well now we can add a new franchise to the list. As unlikely as it may seem, Pac-Man will get its own live action movie. And it was Sonic Film Producer who took on the project endorsed by Bandai Namco. It remains to be seen what the script for the feature film will be about a little yellow ball eating what’s in its path while dodging ghosts. We can’t wait to discover the scenario proposals anyway!

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