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A few hours after a mysterious teaser was posted, it has already been revealed. On the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in France, Alpine presents the Alpine A110 E-ternité, a prototype of the futuristic Alpine A110 electric car. Considered a recycling plant by the manufacturer, this model was developed in less than a year by a “team commando”.

In the words of Dieppe, the Alpine A110 E-ternité aims to celebrate 60 years of the famous berlinetta by registering as a link between the thermal past and the electrified future. The car took its name from a sentence uttered by Renault group boss, Luca de Meo: “I want to make Alpine electric for inclusion in eternity.” 100% electric, so the car clearly foretells the future of the Alpine zero-emissions coupe, which should see the light of day by 2025.

Convertible roof, first

Alpine A110 E-ternity (2022)Image credit – Alps

If the overall design of the A110 thermostat is retained in the A110 E, some characteristics still have to be noted. The front end was equipped with new headlight covers, while the rear window was partially covered with linen, as well as the leather of the hood, roof, radiator grille and rear curtain. Then there’s this unique convertible roof, which Alpine wanted “simple and light.” The manufacturer claims that it has not changed the car’s rigidity by incorporating this device, which consists of two “recycled carbon injected” roof covers.

Electric, but still effective

Alpine A110 E-ternity (2022)Image credit – Alpine

Drive out the 1.6 engine under the rear hood of this Alpine A110 E-ternité. The Norman coupe features an electric motor of 178 kW, or about 242 hp for 300 Nm of torque. Alpine set itself a goal with this prototype: “electrify the A110 through the performance equation, balance and agility of the thermal version.”

Specially developed gearbox

Alpine A110 E-ternity (2022)Image credit – Alps

The bet seems successful, given that the A110 E-ternity shoots from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds compared to 4.2 seconds for the most powerful A110 gasoline. However, the maximum speed is lower, at 250 km / h for the A110 E-ternité against 280 km / h in the heat. Note that this prototype is equipped with a new gearbox. Developed in-house, it has dual-clutch DCT and electronic control with “clutches sized to pass high torque”. An essential feature of the electric motor, as it provides instant torque.

Up to 420 kilometers on a single charge

Alpine A110 E-ternity (2022)Image credit – Alpine

On the underside, Alpine grafts battery modules are identical to those on the Renault Mégane E-Tech. Structured battery envelopes were developed specifically for this prototype. There are a total of four battery modules in the front and eight in the back. Alpine explains that it managed to contain the car’s weight despite the addition of these batteries: the car is only 258 kilograms heavier, with a total weight of 1,378 kilograms. According to the WLTP homologation cycle, the autonomy is about 420 kilometers. Recharge time has not been specified at the time of writing.

There is no screen on the board, but a simple tablet holder

Alpine A110 E-ternity (2022)Image credit – Alps

Alpine brings some innovations aboard the A110 cabin on this prototype. Without a touch screen, the dashboard can now accommodate the driver’s personal tablet to display the infotainment system. The car was also equipped with a “modern” audio system with eight speakers. Linen was found on the seat covers, and the rest of the upholstery was made of leather and Alcantara. There is a white insert on the steering wheel as well as inside the doors. Finally, in the stowage compartment of the center console, the famous phrase uttered by Luca de Meo is engraved on a brushed aluminum plate.

Visible at Circuit Paul-Ricard in Le Castellet (Var) during the F1 French GP on Sunday 24 July 2022, the Alpine A110 E-ternité should logically be present on the brand’s podium at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.


To a surprise, it’s a surprise! On the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in July 2022, Alpine has unveiled the Alpine A110 E-ternité. This prototype heralds the future of the Alpine A110 electric. So I ditched Dieppe’s 1.6 engine to embark on an electric motor with 178 kW, or roughly 242 horsepower, for 300 Nm of torque. This allows the A110 E-ternité to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and reach a top speed set at 250 km/h. Visually, the car differs from the Thermal A110 by the headlight covers, the partially linen rear window, or its unique convertible roof. In height, the total weight is still limited to 1,378 kg, despite the integration of batteries from Renault Mégane E-Tech. The autonomy of the A110 E-ternité is set at 420 kilometers.

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