Elon Musk mocks Twitter for trying to force a takeover

Elon Musk does not appear to be particularly concerned about the legal action Twitter has taken against him. After the cancellation was announced by the billionaire, the social network has already announced that a complaint will be filed against the latter in order to force his hand. For his part, the main interested party prefers to take the matter seriously.

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That’s the question everyone is asking today, after Elon Musk announced his desire to scrap the Twitter acquisition. And now? For a billionaire, the decision seems final: Lots of robots gather on the platform According to him, the initial proposal of $44 billion no longer stands. Not to mention the long battle the company has fought for access to accurate data on the subject.

But for Twitter, the series is still far from over. Shortly after the announcement, the social network has already announced File a complaint against Elon Musk. The goal: to force the latter to move forward with the deal. Thus this case can be terminated in court. On the one hand, the one who will have to justify the termination of a multi-billion dollar deal. On the other hand, his opponent who intends to win the jackpot.

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Twitter Files Complaint Against Elon Musk, He’s Not Too Concern

However, this alternative is not the only possible end to this story. Ronald Gilson, professor of law and commerce at Columbia University, raises this possibilityfinancial agreement between two sides. “Potential solution is for Musk to pay Twitter an amount that reflects the loss related to Musk not making a purchase.”before referring to it “The battle is only a matter of money.”

However, this possibility is very likely. Remember: Shortly after the acquisition was announced, we learned that there was a clause in the contract that stated that if the deal was cancelled, the responsible party would have to pay the other $1 billion. But this paragraph reveals other unknowns. First, Twitter can decide that This amount is not enough To repair the damage caused by the case.

Given the rollercoaster that has been Elon Musk’s interest in the social network in recent months, it would be hard to prove him wrong. The bot issue has permanently tarnished the image of the platform which, to make matters worse, knows full well that it will never be able to get Such a suitable market Who is proposed by the billionaire. Currently, the company’s value is estimated at $28 billion.

The compensation clause can also lead to another conclusion. We can already witness what is called “specific implementation”, a legal concept that, if used properly by Twitter, would make it possible Forcing Elon Musk to take possession. In other words, if an agreement is not reached between the entrepreneur and the company by the time the court goes to court, it is quite possible that the acquisition will be completed and Elon Musk will become. The new owner of Twitter.

Anyway, that prospect doesn’t seem to give Elon Musk a cold sweat. While the latter is already the subject of multiple legal proceedings, it prefers, as usual, Take the situation lightly. Like a recent provocation, the billionaire took to Twitter to make fun of… Twitter. He just posted one of the memes – if you really call it that – that shows him laughing out loud.

The text says the following: “They said I can’t buy Twitter. Then they didn’t want to provide the information about the bots. Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court. They should now submit the information about the bots to the court.” However, we weren’t expecting much from the manager.

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