Epson programmed end of life in its printers

Imagine you buy an Epson printer, and that fully functional printer decides that it no longer works.

Hardly any tech product has revealed harmful selling practices like those of printer manufacturers. But customer reviews are not a reason to change it. After selling Canon cartridges with DRM, Epson disables fully functional printers.

“Part of your printer has reached the end of its life”

The scenario was described by several customers: the printer purring happily to itself. Then an error message appears: Part of your printer has reached the end of its life As Fighttorepair reports, the Japanese manufacturer has programmed end-of-life software into certain models of its inkjet printers. In short: It’s software-induced planned obsolescence. Among the models involved are the L130, L220, L310, L360 and L365.

It becomes even more absurd when you look closely at the affected component. The message was triggered because an ink sponge had picked up excess ink from the printer. However, here a possible “leak” is monitored by a simple counter. Once Epson has recorded the number of prints selected, the printer is automatically disabled – regardless of the state of the ink sponge. For information, inkjet printers have two types of sponges. One is in the cartridge and the other is ink absorbent.

My wife is expensive Tweet embed The printer just gave a message that it had reached the end of its service life and started building itself. Looks like she could pay for the service or buy a new one even though it was working fine. outrageous!

Marktavern July 22 2022

Then what if the printer refuses to work? You can just replace the ink sponge, it is one of the cheapest parts. Epson has published a support article in which I have discovered the possibility of a fix. However, he also wrote that such a repair would not be worth it. Fortunately, the community has created a lot of content to help consumers solve this problem without buying a new printer.

Epson also offers utilities for Windows, which allow you to “reset” the printer to keep using it for a seemingly limited amount of time.

The printer industry is still amazing. As far as products are somewhat technologically boring, printer manufacturers can surprise us. Last year, we told you about the story of Canon MFPs that refuse to scan when one of their ink tanks is empty. A foul practice that led to a class action lawsuit in the United States.

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