Excellent free Japanese RPG on Nintendo Switch, how do you benefit from the offer?

news tip Excellent free Japanese RPG on Nintendo Switch, how do you benefit from the offer?

Nintendo is not among the publishers that definitely offer relatively recent games to players. But lately, the company has been regularly offering full-on games to try, as well as older titles as part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription and add-on package.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, an excellent JRPG to discover!

On Nintendo Switch, Kyoto Corporation Regularly offered to players who sign up for Nintendo Switch Online to take advantage of the Games on Trial program Which, as its name suggests, makes fairly recent games publicly available, downloadable and To play for a limited time. Games such as Spelunky 2, Mario + The Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Stardew Valley, Monster Hunter Rise, or Dragon Quest Builders 2 were part of this programme, allowing players to Discover it at no additional cost.

The next game that will integrate the program is none other than Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, an excellent JRPG Developed by Falcom and published by NIS. The title was released in 2016 on PS Vita, in 2017 on PS4, Then in 2018 on PC and Nintendo Switch. During our testing, we highlighted the uniqueness of battles, always surprising exploration, a variety of animals and bosses, as well as lovable characters.

Excellent free Japanese RPG on Nintendo Switch, how do you benefit from the offer?

Yes VIII: Lacrimosa from Dana tells The story of Adol, apparently the only being who survived the sinking of a terrible ship. He will have to find the other castaways, and then set the mysterious island on which they are. But on top of that, Adol She co-stars with Dana, the character in the world of dreams Which we explore when Adol is resting. It is clear that the actions performed in each world affect the other, and it is up to the players to uncover the secrets behind this bridge between worlds.

Starting today, Nintendo Switch Online players can sign up for Nintendo Switch Online Go to the online storeFind the Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana page, and Download the game. Make sure you have Active account and subscriptionOtherwise, you won’t be able to do anything. Feel free to use the search engine offered in the Nintendo Online Store, as it is sometimes difficult to find games.

If you are not asked to associate any payment method, you have followed the procedure in the right way. Once 15.14 GB downloaded from the titleyou will notice that You can’t throw it away and that’s normalDon’t panic!

The download is only available in anticipation of The demo, which will start on August 18. Then you will have a week, Until August 26, to play the game as much as possible, leaving time to see if it is for you or not. After the trial period ends, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana He will find the selling price in a non-material form, i.e. 59.99 euros.

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