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Comfort, calm, beautiful view… Which seats should be preferred when booking for a peaceful flight… And which seats should be avoided at all costs? Aeronautics specialist Xavier Tytelman gives his advice to figaro.

It’s nice to be by the window during the flight, and it’s even better to have space and not suffer from engine noise. It’s all about the seat: its strategic placement in the cabin avoids the inconveniences that often occur on an airplane. How about safety, is one place better than another in case of an accident? Lighting Xavier Tytelman, flight consultant and founder of the Fear of Flying Treatment Center.

What is the most comfortable seat?

During the flight, various small inconveniences can spoil your comfort: constant noise coming from the engines of the device, turbulence and lack of brightness … Some places make it possible to remedy this: “In terms of comfort, it is necessary to give concession to the first third of the aircraftXavier Tytelman describes. “In the front, you hear less engine noise. At the level of the wings, that is, near the center of gravity of the aircraft, the feeling of turbulence is slightly less. But anyway, we only lose 5-20 cm in the event of a tremorHe explains. Let’s not forget the traditional benches at the front of each class and those in front of the emergency exits that provide more legroom. But beware: the demand for it is high.

Which seat offers the best view?

Please note: Being by the window is not always synonymous with a perfect view. Adobe Stock / xy

When booking, we always pray to find a vacant seat by the window. When this is the case, we tend to jump on the first available. Be careful not to get caught:Reserving a seat directly above the suite will see part of the view destroyedXavier Tytelman warns. To correct this, the aviation specialist shares a little-known anecdote: “Each plane has two window seats on either side of the plane through which the wings and engine can be seen more clearly. It is indicated by a small sticker in the form of a triangle attached to the cab wall.“reveal. This insignificant mark allows flight personnel to check the correct operation of the engines and the condition of the wings (in order to prevent any mechanical breakage or unexpected ice formation). Why are we interested in this teacher? In addition to the safety aspect, it indicates to passengers which seat has the best view, that is, a clear view of the horizon with the aircraft wing in the rear and not in full screen mode. Real modern painting.

Is there a place to get away from it at all costs?

In a plane, no matter what size, you are spoiled for choice. So it is entirely possible to fall into bad places. In the case of long-haul flights, you are very likely to fly on a double-aisle plane with an average row of up to four seats. To avoid finding yourself in the middle of many strangers, elbows cut off and deprived of outside light, it is best to avoid this row at all costs and especially the two places in the middle. Same story for the seats near the restrooms: the constant comings and goings of travelers wanting to use them can affect your peace of mind.

Is there a safe place in case of an accident?

Finally, is it possible to get a safer seat than another on an airplane? Xavier Tytelman puts an end to the myth of the safe place in the back: “There is no safety difference between the seats. In fact, it all depends on what kind of accident or accident the aircraft may have. But since there are so few statistics on this topic, it’s hard to recommend a specific placement.He adds. To calm the atmosphere, the author of the book I’m no longer afraid of flying! It reminds us that statistically, the most dangerous moment during a flight is not take-off or landing, but … the taxi ride! So take a breath and enjoy the view.

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