Explain that Sony PlayStation wants to become the “Nike” of PC games

game news Explain that Sony PlayStation wants to become the “Nike” of PC games

After many years of betting only on the success of its home consoles becoming essential, Sony PlayStation is gradually turning to the PC, with a significant increase in the number of games published or to be published on this medium. As far as we can say, the ambitions are high in terms of games and hardware.

Sony Electronics announced last month Complete set of equipment for computer games. the name of the thing In Zonethe brand targets the premium gaming market, using Various monitors and headphoneswhich will likely be accompanied by other equipment in the coming months and years.

InZone: Another breakthrough for Sony in the world of PC and esports

The PC is targeted as a priority, but all sold items are also targeted Compatible with PS5For compatibility with the PlayStation brand, which is obviously owned by Sony. With the release of PlayStation Studios games on PC that you must represent with mobile Half of releases by 2025and the launch of the InZone brand, Sony clearly announces its intent to permanently settle on PC, and To expand its various brands to other media.

Image management and communication are key elements in this perspective, Sony immediately entered into a partnership with Riot Games For InZones equipment to use during the Valorant Champions Tour. Monitors and headphones have also been To be used while using Evo lensesWorld Health Organization Now owned by Sony.

Mizuno, Nike and models

Still in the framework of the media campaign, Kazuo Kii, Executive Vice President, spoke with Nikkei To officially reveal Sony’s intentions. For him, the fact that Sony has always been involved in the manufacture of audio and screens It gives a huge advantage in this market, as the hardware is usually designed by PC manufacturers.

There is no dominant leader among the current manufacturers yet. At the moment, the situation looks more like a “war” scene. This is an opportunity for us. Sony is unique in that we come from the TV industry. We are proud of our imaging technology. We look forward to showing our customers our immersive and realistic experience.

For Kazuo Kii, it is a file permission The ideal configuration to impose PlayStation and InZone on PC. However, it reminds us of that The primary target audience is not the PlayStation community, but the hardcore PC gamers. He even dares to go further by pointing out the idea that brand managers have in mind It is to walk the Mizuno and Nike Roadbut in esports.

(Play) Targets hardcore PC gamers, not PlayStation users. We’ll start at the top and find out what the best esports players want. The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike, providing footwear for athletes. You can win cash prizes in esports. If the screen response time lags a bit, you lose. Sony products will not allow those involved in these tough battles to fail.

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