Facebook offered private exchanges for mother and daughter accused of illegal abortion

Celeste Burgess and her mother Jessica are accused of illegal abortion. At the center of the investigation were the private messages Facebook provided to the police.

United States – Police are prosecuting a teenage girl for illegal abortion after private communications between her and her mother were sent by Facebook to authorities. The Meta group is now under fire from critics and abortion rights advocates fear this issue is only the first in a long line.

as shown Forbes In an article published on August 8, Celeste Burgess, 17, who was tried as an adult with her mother Jessica Burgess, is awaiting trial in Madison County Court for violating a Nebraska law banning abortions after 20 weeks, four weeks after the legal date.

according to Forbes, authorities received “advice” that Celeste miscarried in April and secretly buried the fetus. During the investigation, a search warrant was issued to access Celeste and Jessica’s Facebook accounts. Then they found letters between mother and daughter detailing how Celeste had an abortion performed by her mother. The mother and daughter have been accused since July of resorting to illegal abortion and then burning and burying the fetus.

For Facebook, there was no question about abortion in the state

In this story, the issue of confidentiality of data of users of the social network is discussed above all. Facebook responded to the controversy by claiming that it responded to a legal request without knowing it was related to an abortion.

According to a statement from Meta spokesperson Andy Stone, “ Nothing in the memos we received from law enforcement in early June, prior to the Supreme Court’s decision [le 24 juin, Ndlr]Abortion is not mentioned . “LamThe memoranda of charges were related to a criminal investigation and court documents indicate that the police at the time were investigating the case of a dead child who had been cremated and buried, not an abortion decision.”says the company, which makes it clear that it had until then been subject to nondisclosure obligations that have since been rescinded.

It’s one of the first cases of someone’s Facebook activity being used to criminalize them in a country with limited access to abortion since the US Supreme Court on June 24 buried a ruling guaranteeing American women’s rights for nearly half a century. for abortion. This decision does not make the termination of pregnancy illegal, but it does return the United States to the status quo in force before the symbolic ruling “Roe vs. Wade » 1973, when each state was free to delegate them or not. In Nebraska in this case, abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy is prohibited.

Google deletes data about visits to specialist clinics

As a reminder, most Facebook user information is stored on servers that can be accessed by the company. However, it is possible, since 2016, to take advantage of message encryption.

If Meta determined its position on this issue, Google very quickly chose to take action: The California group announced on July 1, a week after the Supreme Court ruling, that user location data would be automatically deleted when visiting an abortion clinic.

“If our systems determine that someone has visited a (sensitive) organization, we will delete these entries from the Location History shortly after they visit”Jane Fitzpatrick, vice president of the California Group, said in a press release.

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