Feria de Béziers: I’m afraid we will have the last bullfighting in France “Robert Menard”

As Feria 2022 begins, Mayor Bezier talks about his challenges, the prospect of the world, the security system… and the threat to bullfighting.

What changes in Feria 2022?

We return to the classic format compared to the previous two years that mini-Ferias were. But it is not just a duplicate of 2019 because we developed the game again during the day.

Since I still think there are different audiences, an audience that comes to the party in the evening, from 6pm, and also a larger family audience. We tried to respond to it with more modified things, and reviews of bulls and horses in the alleys.

And the big new is the performances every evening, at ten in the evening, around the bull. The idea is to discover the world of a bull without a murder that turns away a certain number of people. Last night, Candice Barris (from Foley’s Gross) will sing the song composed on July 14th and perform it in front of Emmanuel Macron.

For you, what are the highlights of this exhibition?

I’m going to start with bullfighting because I’m afraid we’ll see the last bullfight in France. And those associated with this culture of the South, it is best to come and watch the bullfights because they risk being permanently deprived of it. […]

then aprivados and equestrian parades in Aile; Evening performances in the squares. Cassettes and bodegas that are back in Saint-Saëns… Expect lots and lots of people.

We see it in reservations in plazas, restaurants and hotels. It is now impossible to book a hotel in Béziers! There is a desire to go out we measure.

Specifically, from a security point of view, does the device stay the same?

We find the traditional device. According to the police, there will be 700,000 people around Veria. And we haven’t had any other problems since the security perimeter was created: you can’t enter this perimeter with alcohol.

Alcohol, you have to buy it in designated places. There are barriers at the perimeter entrance and everything set is broken. The municipal police and the national police will be present. Hopefully, one or two CRS companies and the military, as in 2019. There will also be distributions of breath analyzers.

What would a successful Feria exhibition look like?

There must be a lot of people of course and there is no accident. I remind you that there was a death in 2012. Finally, it’s Feria who not only works after 6 pm, but lives all day long and makes everyone happy.

To return to bullfighting, many statues missed from the 2022 Cartels…

Money is the limit to everything. Big stars must accept new financial scales as part of their character depends on attendance. Bullfighting is an expensive proposition and you have to work on the prices. Everyone should contribute to popular success. But I have no feeling that the cartels in the other arenas are more extraordinary than they were in Béziers.

Some believe the upcoming Aymeric Caron bill to ban bullfighting is a media stunt. What do you think ?

The world of mini bullfighting does not see the world as it is. I have known Aymeric Caron well for a long time. He is a persistent person with ideas. They will actually put together a bill that will be included in a debate at the end of the year from the first parliamentary standing of environmentalists and Nubians.

The advantage to the bullfighting world is that it is so cartoonish as an animal lover and says such nonsense on certain topics, that some parliamentarians will not vote for it. But the context in the National Assembly is unfavorable for bullfighting. During the last term, there was no friendship group about bullfighting for the first time.

My wife, Emmanuel Maynard, was the only MP who launched the initiative and it was not followed. Historically, we have the most favorable house for zoologists. Environmentalists, La France Insoumise and part of the national rally against bullfighting.

You seem pessimistic…

We can ban bullfighting even if I would do everything to ensure it never happened. Believing that the constitution protects us is heresy. I understand that one can hate bullfighting. But they should not impose their own taste.

I hope Marine Le Pen leaves the choice of her deputies to vote freely. It should be noted that Aurour Bergé, who heads the group of President Macron, was the initiative of a bill to ban bullfighting for minors.

Thinking that the Aymeric Caron Project is a media stunt is to put your elbow in the eye! Especially since bullfighting is very organized and knows how to use media.

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What is your position on banning minors?

Bullfighting should be prohibited for unaccompanied children under the age of 13. I support their attendance with their parents only. I know the bullfighting world is reluctant on this subject, but the latest survey of South Radio It is clearly expressed.

Why do we reject it? Nothing should move? It’s ridiculous to prepare yourself this way. Especially since it will not have an effect but it shows that this environment is not closed and that it hears the development of society. I am not a fan of animals but my relationship with animals has changed. You have to adapt.

In the 1930s, horses were protected by caparison. One can no longer imagine a bullfight with dozens of horses killed on the track in the name of tradition. We have to evolve, or we’ll be swarmed by an animal wave. We must discuss and develop bullfighting at the risk of its demise.

What role do you intend to play with your wife in the upcoming parliamentary debate?

Emmanuel will defend the bullfights on the podium and I’m afraid very few will. I hope all the elected officials from the south who are against the ban come and say with me in Paris. I will press all parliamentary blocs.

It is our freedom to want to preserve this defining feature of our Southern culture, even if it is disturbing. The only limit to not accepting difference is the violation of human rights. This is what I will defend. But a philosophical current recently asserts that there is no difference between man and animal…

Furthermore, she suggested to UVTF designing campaigns aimed at the general public and not to please the bullfighting community. You have to stop being between yourself and working to convince others. This is no longer a time for dogmatism but a time to save furniture.

What direction is the Feria de Béziers exhibition going?

The fundamental question is where the bull is, that is the real question. Tomorrow, if there were no more bullfighting, would the vera make any sense? Even if 90% of the people who come don’t go to watch bullfighting. Feria is still built around that… We might have to imagine a different Feria because we’ll see bullfighting with killing prohibited.

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