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Local Authorities Award in Deauville on Saturday 6 August 2022.

Deauville trend on Saturday, August 6, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté Plus for today. In this case, the prize for local authorities will have to compete against runners. The race will be contested over 1,900 metres, and will win €50,000.

In this case, Salduro (3) is still a convincing success at the level we are interested in. This clear win earned him an 8-pound penalty. His task naturally becomes more complex. But the inexperienced, he is not immune to new advances. So it deserves some suspicion.. The Nepalese (4) will be back on Saturday. Neutralized during the winter, he was conservative during my general race. Since then he has taken a break. It’s a horse that has done really well at that level and on Deauville’s fibres. These arguments will win him clear supporters, as after an encouraging race, Bazook (8) confirmed only a partial move. She may have blamed the fallout for resuming contact that day. Having only ran twice this year, he approached this Deauville meeting with enviable freshness.

Jenny’s Secrets

Didier Prudhomme: Khoshenko (1) will present himself in good shape at the start of this event. He is a horse that needs no introduction at this level. He especially likes fiber. At the end of a clear sprint, I wish good behavior here.

Jerome Renner: We finally completed Padron (2) to run here instead of involving him in the contested second round of the Grand Handicap de Deauville a few days later. Since the grass does well with the current weather, I prefer aligning this follower to soft trails on the fibres. This is very deep when the weather is sunny.

Damien de Waterrigant: Baikal (5): His penalty is 2 kg, after his last victory, he returns to a handicap with weight gain. It has less room to maneuver but it seems to me that it is in very good shape. Arrived in Deauville a few days ago and everything is going well. I hope to see it work well.

Stephen Wattel: My Prince Charming (6): He’s a neat horse that does all his shopping. Now, his room for maneuvering isn’t that great, and good running for a race is important. Plus, like any wait and see service, you should have a free hand at the final stage. Know that his form is excellent and that “Summer PSF” shouldn’t bother him.

Mauricio Delcher Sanchez: Winner (7): No longer has his former value but has just shown a return to form. As the weight is lowered on the weight scale, I take this opportunity to try again at that level. He always looks good to me in the morning and I hope to see him act well. This output will guide me for the rest.

Maxim Sisandre: Captain de Cercei (9): Since his last win, he has defended himself well despite the penalty kick, especially during his sixth place at Paris Longchamp. We are moving to Deauville because the horse is in very good shape at the moment and the commitment to a Psf he loves comes just in time. I expect a good performance.

Miss Anastasia Wattel: Super Super Sonic (10) is in its class and in good condition. Likes fibre. This race is clearly a target commitment in his program.

Eric LebudBeautiful Aspen (11): She no longer has to prove her competitiveness at this level. Lately, it has taken very little to achieve success and I hope he can establish himself soon. PSF won’t bother her even if it’s different in the summer.

Christopher Escuder: By The Way (12) works well for its first release under my verdict. Especially since the worn track of that day did not necessarily suit him. You’ll be in great shape and should be enjoying the usual course of the day. Dragonet (13) approaches this race with great freshness. We waited for this race with him. It will appear in good condition. Especially on the sand.

Sasha Smerchik: Ronaldo (14) has achieved good results at this level in recent weeks. Since then, he’s kept in pretty good shape and gets along well with Gerald Moss. So comfortable on the fibers, it’s a legitimate candidate for success here.

Marcos Negi: After narrowly failing to win on the 5th of June, the Mexican Dream (15) has recently returned to success. Find the category of fifths and check the value up. Likes soft ground. If the PSF is going to be oily or even heavy, this is not done to bother it.

Andreas Soborex: Wow (16) will be at his best on Saturday. The horse is in good shape as evidenced by a recent outing in Clairefontaine. I would have been more confident in the second test. But with a good run, getting into the top five will not be out of reach.

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Summary: 10-14-13-1-11-15-6-7 Press Summary: 1 – 7 – 14 – 10 – 6 – 11 – 2 – 4

Equidia: 10-7-11-14-1-8-3-13
Europe 1: 10-14-6-1-11-13-15-7
Paris: 10-1-14-7-13-6-11-3
Alsace: 5-8-2-10-6-16-3-15
Paris Stadium: 10-13-14-6-5-1-4-11
RTL: 14-6-1-10-11-7-13-2

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