Final reconstruction of Trinity Hospital recorded after 22 months of mobilization

UGTM Health welcomes the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Martinique, nearly two years after it was mobilized to claim resources and rebuild the Trinité Pillar. According to the union, “this agreement will allow the institution to perform its public service tasks for the residents of the north and provide them with normal conditions for obtaining care.”

UGTM Santé staff has been mobilized since September 29, 2020 to “To demand respect for the commitments of the CHUM administration to both material and staff resources, the renewal and humanization of services and the rebuilding of the Trinité Hospital Center in another location.”

‘Project started’ The management of the General Hospital confirms, hence the satisfaction of the union that just ended the strike movement, by signing a memorandum of understanding (July 29, 2022) with the management of Martinique University Center Hospital.

A document baptized the “Patrick Doré Agreement” outlining the UGTM, in honor of this unionist in the organization who died on August 23, 2021.

The approved provisions stipulate, among other things, that: – the renewal and security of the site and the financing of 19 million euros. – Reconstruction of another site with a financing of 70 million euros. – development of new medical activities (consultations, outpatient activities, dialysis); – employing 26 specialized practitioners; – Forming an administrative team responsible for conducting renovation and reconstruction operations. – multi-year investment plan for hotel and biomedical equipment; Recruitment of health cadres, methods of replacement, training and operation of teams.

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Last Tuesday, May 10, the new director general of the Joint Commission, Jerome Le Briere, met with the Mayor of Trinity, Frederic Beauval to discuss this “old” dossier.

During this meeting, Jerome Le Briere confirmed that he intends to “Implement a benevolent, bold, creative but rigorous management under this project for the benefit of the people of Martinique and more precisely of a presentation adapted to the health needs of the North Atlantic Region.”

The new Director General of CHUM, Jérôme Le Brière, with the Mayor of Trinité, Frédéric Buval, during a meeting in May 2022 on the rebuilding of Louis Domergue Hospital.

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Reconstruction of Luis Domergo Hospital de Trinité is planned on land in the Desmarinières region (near National Route 1). “Thanks to the donation of several hectares of the town hall, which will be divided into three plots” CHUM remembers.

This futuristic health center will also host STIS (Regional Fire and Rescue Service), as well as the specialist La Valériane clinic operated by the Partage et Vie Foundation.

The administrative preparation phase of the project, including the implementation of public contracts and obtaining various licenses, has already begun, and will continue until October 2024. The preparation and programming of works will continue until December 2022. The works will start in July. 2024 with a provisional end in December 2026. Public reception is scheduled for March 2027.

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But it is all public health institutions that need to be renovated in Martinique, states the UGTM union.

There is still the Pillar of the Holy Spirit or the Emma Ventura Center in Fort-de-France awaiting its complete renovation. Work is underway on a €448 million project, which is why we, the trade unions, must continue to mobilize, in order to improve the supply and quality of care in Martinique.

Serge Aribeau – Secretary General of UGTM Health.

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