Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One has entered production

There will only be 275, and they are all already sold out. Thus, the Mercedes-AMG exclusive supercar will be just a sweet dream for the readers of this article, at a price of 2.7 million euros.

We were indeed pleased to discover it exclusively, on the sidelines of our test drive of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S e-Performance. Then we presented it to you in a very detailed article that we invite you to refer to, of course.

But today, that’s it, it’s the big day, mini-series production for the first 100% definitive copies begins. on British soil. Yes, not in Germany, for a simple good reason, for example, the powertrain will come from Brixworth, in Northamptonshire, the place where the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 blocks are produced. Final assembly will be carried out in the workshops of partner AMG Multimatic, in Coventry, which has established a production unit dedicated to the small series.

This high-performance vehicle, which we remind you of, is inspired by and uses members and technologies from F1, including its hybrid 1.6-liter V6 engine, as well as 4 electric motors, developing a total of 1,063 hp. to 16 production steps and 16 “assembly and test stations”.

Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One has entered production

Many of the sub-assemblies are assembled from scratch, before being finally disassembled and reassembled on the vehicle. This applies, for example, to the carbon monocoque and all car body accessories. Everything is adjusted in size manually if necessary. Even the painting is done artisanally by hand.

Then the body is assembled in white and the powertrain is assembled. The latter was previously tested in Brixworth workshops.

Sixteen production steps

Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One has entered production
Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One has entered production

Here is an overview of the 16 production steps:

  • Stations 1 through 4: assembly of mechanical parts and all low voltage components as well as installation of basic power train components, including the vehicle’s electrical devices.
  • Stations 5 and 6: Assembly of high voltage batteries and high voltage connections, tests and tests of operation of the heat and electric motor.
  • Station 7: Internal installation.
  • Eighth Station: Starting the installation of the exterior body panels, doors and quarters. During this process, the pre-assembled body panels: front hood, rear hood, quarter panels and doors are joined to the main assembly line from the sub-assembly area. Here the particular challenge lies in the sometimes very different desires of customers.
  • Item 9: Continuation of the external fixation of the front and rear covers.
  • Clause 10: Final installation of the exoskeleton frame.
  • Station 11: Assemble the wheels and floorboards.
  • Item 12: Adjustment of the wheel and headlight.
  • Station 13: Roller test bench to test the vehicle in all driving modes.
  • Station 14: 4-station NVH test (noise, vibration, vibration), fine-tuning if necessary.
  • Station 15: Monsoon Tightness Test.
  • Station 16: Cabin lighting with visual inspection of all surfaces and functional technical tests of all components.
Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One has entered production

In total, approximately fifty people will work to produce one copy, in a semi-literal manner, similar to what can be seen in the Bugatti production Chiron. Or Veyron before her.

The final stage consists of a rolling test session, by a factory tester, for final verification. Then, each copy is transported to Germany in a closed van, to Affalterbach, AMG headquarters, to finally be delivered to the end customer after a technical briefing on the vehicle.

I know 275 of them must be eagerly settling now.

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