Foot Paris Saint-Germain – Paris Saint-Germain: Mbappe and Messi, Galttier admits he is lucky

After their first two very convincing matches, PSG will try to continue this weekend by welcoming Montpellier. Mbappe’s return and Messi’s confirmation is expected.

An expected date for many reasons in Paris Saint-Germain, this Saturday. It will obviously be the first time in the Parc des Princes this season, but also the first time that Christophe Galtier sits on the sidelines of the local team in this stadium. A date awaited by the Parisian coach with frank enthusiasm at a press conference on Thursday afternoon. ” Yes, patience is running out. Not tension but a real desire to discover the park, this time on the right side, on the right seat. This is his first home match. In the first two official matches, the players were very good in behaviour, investment and gameplay and we should be able to replicate this kind of behavior and performance for our fans. He did not want to see his players put in a less successful performance than against Claremont and Nantes.

Mbappe and more, no problem for Galtier

For this, PSG can count on Kylian Mbappé, returning after a suspension and then a small physical malfunction. Everything is back to normal and there will be no problem to integrate the star Paris striker into this lightning attack already. It is impossible for Galletier to ask a question about Mbappe’s contribution to a team that is already doing very well, as the former Monaco is such an essential part that is an integral part of his system. ” There is no difficulty in integrating it. You realize the coach’s privilege to rely on Kylian in this attacking trio. I repeat again, it is a great privilege. He doesn’t have a lot of minutes on his legs but he’s in great shape. I also worked a lot in the associations this week. I also looked a lot at what was done last season in the different attack styles and animations. The three of them used to play together. They did very well ”, confirmed the Parisian coach, who, despite the beginnings in a new system, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe already have a mechanism.

Messi is admired by his teammates

And after Mbappe, Christophe Galtier spoke about the state of Lionel Messi, who walks on water at the start of the season and appears determined to make people forget his disappointing first season at Paris Saint-Germain. “ I can’t be surprised, because when you have such a record and played so many decisive matches, it means that you are a great professional. He confirms this since July 4th. He participates in all sessions, smiles and talks with his partners. He is an example to follow for our players. I appreciate every moment I saw him on the court and salute him every day because he is the role model in his investment. He had individual perks but was not satisfied. I find it complete. When Leo smiles, the team smiles. And in training the same thing. He is loved and admired by his partners Galtier, who is currently in Heaven with his debut, gave it, that’s right, perfect for PSG this season. Especially when the club’s superstars lead by example.

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