Football – Transfers: Loan Georginio Wijnaldum to Roma is another failure for the Paris Saint-Germain midfield

Georginio Wijnaldum

Wijnaldum arrived for free in Paris in the summer of 2021 alongside Messi, Ramos and Hakimi to complete one of the most exciting transfer windows in football history. He wore the mantle of a very versatile midfielder capable of delivering a great deal of play. The perfect attacking profile as he worked to fill in the blanks left by Neymar, Mbappe and soon Messi.

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PSG loaned Wijnaldum to Roma

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But if Robin van Persie is named the Dutchman after his superb header against Spain in the 2014 World Cup (5-1), Wijnaldum could steal the title from him. Not because he scored a header while jumping, but because he was most often ghostly. Within the Big Five, he is one of the 2% of midfielders who release the least pressure and the 1% who make the fewest interceptions, tackle and pass forward…

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Mohamed Sissoko

Signed in 2011 from Juventus for around €8 million, he is one of the first recruits in the QSI era… and his first failure in midfield. He was not completely physically fit, and did not participate in his first meeting until the end of September in the Europa League match against Bilbao in which … he received a red card.

Sissoko then put in some good performances in the league, but not enough to make a real impression, before hitting a knee during the slump. He will find it difficult to recover. In question, he admits himself, his lifestyle is irreplaceable: “You go back to your city, with your friends, everything around you, you are not particularly focused on your football …After being loaned to Fiorentina, PSG and Sissoko finally agreed to terminate his contract at the end of the 2012/13 season.

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Yohan Cabaye

Yohan Cabaye, who was recruited in the winter of 2014 to put himself under Laurent Blanc’s orders, also suffered from the Parisian context, but not in the same way. Under the colors of the capital, he didn’t take advantage of his expected playing time, and he didn’t show great things. In any case not enough to justify the 25 million euros that put it.

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When I arrived, some guys didn’t want me to come, I felt like that“The French, once back in England, complained to the microphone of Canal +. Newly arrived stars at the club, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic, weighed their desires and moods in the locker room. And it seems that Cabaye has done just that. From his media appearance after Paris Saint-Germain gives Also an impression of a player who was, at times, a little overwhelmed by the pressure surrounding the country project.

Benjamin Istanbul

In the summer of 2015, Stambouli was clearly brought in to try to replace the failed Yohan Cabaye. And the former Montpellier, who snatched away from Tottenham for eight million euros, did not really do better.

Accompanied by a cold reception from the Parc des Princes, the Marseille native struggles to survive in the Parisian midfield. Benjamin Stamboli’s brief stint in Paris can be described as a failure. Although he played 27 Ligue 1 matches, while the Frenchman had four years left on his contract, Emery, newly installed on the bench in place of Laurent Blanc, made him understand he wasn’t in his plans, causing him to leave for Schalke 04.

Benjamin Stamboli – Paris Saint-Germain

Credit: From the official website

Grzegorz Krychowiak

Two full seasons in Seville for the pole and Paris pulls the checkbook: 27.5 million euros. However, in the capital, Krychowiak will know especially … the bench. Surprisingly, Unai Emery decided to completely insult the former Bordeaux player.

Before signing the contract with PSG, I asked Emery if he really wanted to include me in the squad. he answered yes‘” Krychowiak recalled. Three months later, Emery said he didn’t want me in the team.Complete. It is difficult to analyze this failure because he did not appear on the promoter during his French freelance work. One season and then left.

Grzegorz Krechowiak (Paris Saint-Germain)

Credit: AFP

Lassana Diarra

The 2015-2016 season was very shaved with OM, then a decent 2016-2017 exercise on orders from Rudi Garcia and Lassana Diarra caught the attention of PSG. After breaching his contract with OM, Paris will force him to boost his midfield during the 2018 transfer window.

Due to knee issues, he quickly abandoned Thomas Tuchel’s plans and only had a dozen stints for the duration of his contract. The contract ends amicably one year after his arrival. Diarra, who returned to the France team thanks to his performance in the Olympic jersey in 2016, ended up preferring to focus on developing his energy drink brand.

Lassana Diarra (Paris Saint-Germain)

Credit: Getty Images

Giovanni Lo Celso

Perhaps the term failure is a little heavy in the case of Giovanni Lo Celso. However, he did not bring what he should have brought to the capital. He was recruited to Rosario (Argentina) in 2016 for €10 million, and will return there first to mature. When settling in Paris, if he has the shoulders to be a good midfielder in Ligue 1, he only played 33 games in the competition in 2017/2018 and doesn’t seem to have the ability to help PSG reach the European summits.

As proof of this, he pulled his performance against Real Madrid in the first leg of the 16th round of the Champions League like a ball. During this filthy evening of February 2018, he drowned in the guard post and incurred a penalty and doubled the losses in dangerous bullets. Installing him on the podium, Tuchel clearly showed that he was not part of his plans. PSG continues to make good capital gains by selling it to Betis Sevilla for €22m.

Giovanni Lo Celso during the Paris Saint-Germain-Lyon match in Ligue 1 on September 17, 2017

Credit: Getty Images

Leandro Paredes

As for his aforementioned compatriot, Leandro Paredes did not really fail in Paris. When he is in good shape, the Argentine has shown great things, even very good things. With the highlight, his match against Barcelona during the slap inflicted by the Camp Nou at C1 in 2021 (4-1).

Enough for a promising player who bought 40 million euros? of course not. The problem is there. Efficient in passing, he easily manages to advance the game when the opponent’s pressure isn’t too intense. However, from a defensive point of view, the intensity of his action is very limited: he causes few presses, interceptions, and few blocks. And proof, he’s one of those guys who can pay for degreasers made at Campos and Henrique.

Leandro Paredes

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Xavi Simmons

This time, it’s not the level of play, nor the changing room problem, nor the coach’s problem. Xavi Simmons, who was kidnapped from La Masia at the age of 17, suffered from another disease that gnaws at Paris Saint-Germain: between the youth teams and the first team, an artery blockage.

At the end of the season, he would have had the opportunity to earn playing time and even created a position as a French Ligue 1 finisher thanks to a fine performance. However, almost nothing. It wasn’t a win-win situation for anyone, the young Dutchman parted ways with Eindhoven this summer. Not the first to prefer leaving the capital to give impetus to a young career, and certainly not the last.

Xavi Simmons, young Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

Credit: Getty Images

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