For Gaël Danic, Rennes must ‘perform better than last season’

The preparation of Stade Rennais is coming to an end. A place in the championship, from Sunday (5:05 p.m.) against Lorient at Roazone Park. After the end of an exciting season at 4e The place, the hopes around the team are important. The former red and black attacking midfielder (2000-2003), now a consultant to France Blue ArmouricGail Danic echoes this. For him, the club has the potential to get to the podium, under certain conditions.

Gail Danic: “Stadium Rennes’s number one competitor is the same”

Before the start of the season, Rin is always cited in the top 6 predictors, sometimes 2e. Do you remember a season with a lot of expectations around the club?

Expectations are in line with the development of the club. He’s been going forward for years, hence the ambitions that are adjusted upwards at the start of each season.

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Do you share this general enthusiasm?

Yes, just like all Rennes fans. I look forward to coming onto the field to support our team, which results in a good game and often a key score. Watch the 1:30 p.m. fans before matches start and a late departure from the Lorient Road.

after 4e Last season’s place, is the podium at least the target?

The goal is to do better than last season. I say this because Stade Rennes had to finish in the Champions League and deserved it. From the moment no one outdoes you over time – except for PSG – you can be given second place. All you have to do is erase the small hiccups in the crucial moments of the season that can make you move permanently into the top three, like last year against Monaco, Strasbourg and Nantes. These three matches revealed mental flaws and the direct opponent believed them once again.

How do you judge the competition?

The Stade Rennais’ first competitor is the Stade Rennais itself. If he misses every turn, he will suffer disappointments. I hope last season was profitable at this level, and that they have progressed mentally. But unlike the other big teams in the tournament, I find Rennes to have more control over their matches. So it is easier to get a view of the sequence of events and thus to adopt the strategies of the game, rotationmore in line with the race for second place.

Rennes players prepare before the friendly match against Aston Villa. | Vincent Michael / Western France

What would a successful season look like?

There are two criteria for success. During a successful season, you manage to fill your stadium with fans who are happy to come and cheer for your team and who sympathize with it more and more. On the athletic front, it is to show high ambitions and achieve them. Being European for the sixth year in a row shows everyone that Rennes has become such a big part of France, an integral part of the European landscape.

In terms of recruiting, has Steve Mandanda taken Stade Rennes to a new level?

His arrival is very positive. It brings undeniable added value to the group. It bears witness to the power of attraction initiated by Rin, and this highlights his strong ambitions.

At the heart of the defence, did Arthur Theatt and Joe Rodon persuade reinforcements to secure Naif Aguird’s succession?

You have to trust those who recruit. Over the past few years, they’ve shown us that we can do just that. These players will bring the Grinta that Stade Rennais lacked a bit back. We have a lot of well-disciplined team image. It is necessary to arouse fear in the opposing attackers, for example by slightly harsh interventions. They will bring this aspect.

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And does their late arrival ahead of the tournament risk making August even more complicated?

It would be complicated, yes. They don’t know neither the club nor the championship. And like all recruits, they’ll need time. What won’t help matters is announcing the departure or not, which creates doubts in the group and in the coach’s head, about the team or game options.

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