Formula 1 | Hamilton warned Mercedes F1 about his lifestyle: ‘Don’t control me’

Lewis Hamilton enjoys a lifestyle that may come as a surprise to a Formula One driver, but it has never stopped him, quite the contrary, from signing incredible offers.

Perhaps the highlight of this ‘Hamilton lifestyle’ was at the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix. A few days before the weekend, Lewis Hamilton was in New York for Fashion Week and attended several parties, including the Tommy Hilfiger show.

Then some in the field wondered: Wouldn’t Lewis be too distracted or tired?

But on Saturday in Singapore, Lewis Hamilton got everyone to agree by signing an amazing column…the debate over!

For Vanity Fair, the Mercedes driver is back in this episode. Lewis knew in particular that Singapore would be a test of his lifestyle…

“If I have to do these other things, I have to be the best too. [sur le circuit]. And you did the best lap I’ve ever done. And people there were wondering: How the hell is he doing? »

Lewis says he warned Mercedes when he signed in 2013 about his further career in Formula 1: he’s taken more freedom for himself, while Ron Dennis has tightened the screw at McLaren.

“Here’s who I am. These are things I love to do. Never try to control me in this regard. I will do my best, and I will help you win trophies. And I will show you that being different is not bad for your brand.”

A driver who does not like to drive (on the road)

Another originality of Lewis Hamilton is to be a driver… who doesn’t actually like to drive on roads that are open to the public. He says that even a Briton can get stressed, especially in the heights of Nice.

“I think I find it stressful. I try not to do things that don’t add up to me. Listen, we’re on these ways. [près de Nice], anything can happen. It is exhausting for me. This way is crazy. »

Another feature of Lewis Hamilton’s life that can be confusing at times: his supposed vegetarianism. But here again, the controversy is over, and this rightly justifies the Briton.

“I mean, I’ve won five world titles since then [que je suis végan]I was more stable than I used to be. So you just have to prove people wrong. And that’s what I did. »

Hamilton talks about his life as a married couple

However, Lewis Hamilton had to make sacrifices to keep up with that tempo on the Formula One calendar: about his life as a married couple. He explains his journey on the issue – after his split from singer Nicole Scherzinger.

“I learned the hard way. I learned the hard way…”

“I haven’t talked about it much, I’m just very focused on my job.”

“I realized I can’t do two or three things at once, I have to focus on one thing. I really wanted to go through the process of growing to get to a point where I feel happy on my own, and comfortable in my space. So if I meet someone, that’s an addition, rather than saying “I need you in my life”. “

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