France-Germany – Wendy Renard: “The Germans are not happy to play us either”

From our special correspondent in Milton Keynes,

Tact has changed, but ambition has not. Forget New York Stadium, which was adopted out of a blue enclosure during this Euro, put in the gorgeous MK Stadium in Milton Keynes. Here, just over an hour from London and Wembley, the Habs have a date with their destiny. “We have one big step left.‘,” summed up Wendy Renard, present at a press conference on Tuesday. This stage is a sacred beast to be defeated: Germany.

Euro 2022

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“Nationalmannschaft der Frauen” is a world reference, an international ogre: two-time World Cup (2003, 2007), eight continental crowns and an Olympic title. “When we look at the German team’s record and we scored…, Renard admitted. In terms of experience and expertise, they are two great countries but our record is empty. We are in the semi-finals of the European Championship, if we have finished this cycle, it is not for nothing. ”

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Really lack of experience?

A speech similar to that of Corinne Deacon who insisted on the mental virtues of her team and the importance of focusing on yourself before looking at an opponent. And don’t talk to her about her group’s inexperience: it’s an invalid argument. “We already told you, we have young players in this group who have already reached the semi-finals and finalsshe insisted. It also offends the two Champions League teams who are also used to reaching the semi-finals and finals. Sorry but they are used to it. “

Besides him, Fox served as the perfect icon. To hear from the captain, the teams on the roster of prizes will be worth nothing as of 9 p.m. Wednesday. “I will fight tomorrow, it is a great nationI expected. It will go down to efficiency. But you don’t have to change anything. Yes, it is a great nation and in the past we had, you think, this inferiority. But nothing is complicated. We will just have to play with our qualities. I guess they’re not happy to play with us either“.

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We’re only talking about the winners

To believe in this final, the Blues know the recipe: they came closer to the efficiency of the interview against Italy (5-1) than those against the Netherlands (1-0, AP). If she doesn’t particularly insist on her attackers—”Do not doubt my players“She defended herself in particular – she has something on her mind to be the first team to score a goal in Mannschaft.”I won’t give you the secret, I’ll keep it to myself, and we’ll try to put it into practice tomorrowShe simply replied.

Finally, Wendy Renard got the last word. She, the awards regular, thinks only of Wembley. Whether this half is the first since 2012 for the France team, it does not matter. “This game will mean nothing unless we win the titleswept the place of this half in the National Pantheon. If we don’t win…we only talk about winners. Me, losing in quarters or half, it doesn’t change me at all. But if you win, we’re only talking about you. Just aim for the cupTact has changed, but ambition has not. Never before has Wembley looked so close…

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