France has been affected by unprecedented fires

France is burning in the truest sense of the word in an unprecedented way. According to the European Forest Fire Information System, 48,456 hectares of land have been burned since the beginning of the year – a figure as of August 6, and will be updated on August 20. This is unheard of. A total of eight fires are currently affecting the country, not to mention the many very small fires that start every day across France.

The gravity of the situation forced the executive branch to move in full swing, in the middle of the vacation. ‘The government is all packed’Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said: Accompanied by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen, I headed to Hostens (Geronde), Thursday 11 August, to witness the efforts of firefighters against the fire that has already destroyed more than 7,400 hectares of vegetation. “These firefighters are our heroes,” to me Many Emmanuel Macron on TwitterAnnouncing the help of several European countries in fighting the fires – Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Austria.

A firefighting plane drops flame retardants to put out a fire near Saint-Magni (Gironde), August 11, 2022.

Shortly before the Prime Minister’s visit, the Socialist President of the Gironde Province, Jean-Luc Glezy, expressed his regret at not receiving CNews ” no answer “ On strengthening the permanent extinguishing facilities in the area, after the first series of fires in July. “We are in a hurry today, but I can assure you that we are strengthening our capabilities, Elizabeth Bourne told Hostens. We want to work on all fronts, to fight better in the future and prepare for the events that we know very well related to climate change, with this heat wave that we have been seeing in our country for several weeks, with this exceptional drought this year. »

stop any recovery

The Gironde fire is the second chapter of the Landeras Monster Fire, which blackened 14,000 hectares in mid-July. A new start developed on Tuesday, August 9, driven by the wind. More than 10,000 people have already been evacuated, including 2,000 in Landes. The A63 motorway was also closed in both directions due to smoke from the fire. visible from space.

Firefighters spray water on flames in a forest fire near Belen-Bellet, in southwest France, on the night of August 11, 2022.

Major fires in Maine-Loire, which have destroyed more than 1,500 hectares since Monday, have now been fixed. Claimed on Twitter on Wednesday evening Mayor of Buji in Anjou, Philip Chalopin, one of the affected municipalities. When it is said fire “fixed”This means that its spread has stopped. The fire is still burning, but it is no longer advancing. So the vigilance of the firefighters is tested in order to stop any recovery.

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