Frank Dubusque on Tinder? Where do rumors come from his wife’s separation?

Rumors claim that Frank Dubusque and his wife will be separated. (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

On the poster for “Bis” Thursday, August 11, 2022 on TF1, Frank Dubusque embodies a man who will have the opportunity to relive his adolescence. In real life, the actor and comedian shares the life of Daniel, his companion for more than 15 years. But for several months, the couple was affected by rumors of separation.

Frank Dubusque and Danielle, his companion of Lebanese descent, have always been a conservative couple. The rare confidence gained about their love story happened on the show “Intimate Ambition,” hosted by Karen Le Marchand, in 2018. At the time, a beautiful brunette told about their crush, 12 years ago: “I was working at NRJ and we were putting on a party. Comedy. I don’t know if you can call it love at first sight, but I immediately blinked. I saw him like that, on stage, handsome, with cheekbones, shyly smiled, etc… And I thought to myself: “How can he do such a job while he seems shy? Too much for me?” And I immediately saw a person so sensitive, so simple, and so humble indeed.”

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Mutual love at first sight and a failed marriage proposal

The admiration is mutual, and soon the spouses become inseparable. With Danielle, Frank Dubusque found his opposite, his opposite, and the perfect person to complete it: “His calm, serenity, I told myself that’s what I needed, someone like that, unlike what I do. They say birds of a feather fall together, but we have to compliment each other.”

The result, three years after they met, put the ring on her finger … with some unexpected difficulties. guest on show star head In April 2009, he told Laurent Boyer: “I asked my partner in marriage a week and a half ago.” To make this moment unforgettable, the comedian had everything planned: the ring, the romantic weekend, the dinner at the restaurant … everything, except that his beloved got sick. “I had to place my order several times. At first, I couldn’t because she was sick, a small stomach…”. Having failed to do so in the evening alone, he put the ring under the pillow of his beloved … who slept without realizing anything.

Separation in 2022?

Over the years, the couple has always shown a united front, welded, but discreet. Happy with their two children Rafael and Milhan, born in 2010 and 2012, they feel no need to show off. But a post on Frank Dubusque’s Instagram story cast doubt in March 2022. Standing with a dog, he wrote: “Photos with dogs seem to attract ‘matches’ to Tinder.” A touch of humor or a subtle hint of separation? hard to say.

A month later, “Here” magazine published an issue that said: “Frank Dubusque: Nothing is going well between the spouses.” Rumors that have not yet been commented on by the main stakeholders. Including in his last interview with Nice Matin, in which he noticeably invokes his children: “I tell them, I love you. But that does not mean that they will love me more than I loved my father., who did not receive me in his arms. Children can be ungrateful. Love is nothing It is given and sold at the same price.” Without mentioning the mother of his children.

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