“Frightening. The state’s deficit will be 53% of the volume of revenue!” Editorial by Charles Sennat

Dear impudents, dear impudents,

I wanted to share with you a reflection on the finances of the state since Mozart reigned the markets and the economy in Jupiter’s palace, like a beacon at night.

Do you think you reveal a hint of irony? You’re wrong, I wouldn’t dare, you know me… though!

So that we don’t get accused of being anti-feminists, I wanted to talk about the characters knowing that according to this government, “we can discuss everything, except for the numbers”!

Below is a screenshot of page 14 of the PLFR.

PLFR is the Finance Act Amendment.

Basically, the state is never like you.

You (and I) have a budget, and when we don’t stick to it, the banker usually contacts you (that’s when you get along well with him, otherwise he’ll send you the fee and postage of 15 euros each).

The state is different, meaning it is not the same.

The state, thanks to all the money Mozarts who at the head of our country managed to destroy it, draws up the budget. A budget that obviously won’t be kept, and you’ll always find a good reason not to stick to your budget, especially when you’re not paying but the ‘zotres’. The zotres are the zimpozables, the rich people who pay for the nimpots are all pretty and hot.

So every year we do a PLFR, which is a budget that corrects the budget we don’t keep to say the new budget is going to be kept… which it won’t be.

This fun little game has been around for 40 years!

In short, on page 14 of the PLFR you have this table that shows the real numbers of our dramatic financial situation, no matter what Father Bruno may say.

Tax revenue, that is, all the money that the state earns and takes out of our pockets: €315.2 billion, which is a lot of money.

Total spending 505 billion and wheelbarrows, at this level let’s ignore wheelbarrows!

inability? 168.5 billion euros in just one year.

And that’s … more than 53% of the volume of revenue!

Yes my friends, we spend 53% more than we go back to coffers, and even that was with negative interest rates on our debt!

So I don’t want to bother you, but here we can say it.

France is on its way to bankruptcy.

France is not the financial Mozart of yesterday and today.

When France goes bankrupt, they will board a plane like the mammushi of Sri Lanka to seek shelter elsewhere.

No, when France goes bankrupt, you and I will go bankrupt, and we will have to raise this country which will have to take very great risks.

We shall do it with greatness, moderation, and wisdom, and we shall do it with all men of good will wherever they come.

As always, the elites betray the nations and the young and the poor save them.

It’s already too late, but all is not lost.

get ready !

Charles Sannat

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