From ? when ? how many ? How ? All about the fuel allowance scheduled for the month of October

Through a purchasing power bill, the government is trying to mitigate the effect of inflation that, for several months, tormented the French conservatives. At the end of last Thursday’s cabinet meeting, Europe 1 Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that the discount of 18 cents at the pump, in force since April 1, would eventually be replaced by a fuel allowance for workers. The aid is likely to be paid to 11 million eligible French as of October 1. But who can benefit from it? How ? In what amount? 20 minutes It tells you everything.

Who is concerned?

In theory, only low-income people will be affected by this fuel allowance. Or “11 million people,” says the government. the condition ? The family is between decimals 1 to 5*, i.e. with less than €14,100 of reference tax income per unit (RFR). “Discussions are underway to extend eligibility to 6 and 7 decimal places, with opposition,” Bruno Le Maire’s government reports to 20 minutes. A system denounced by the association 40 million drivers. We should lower the price at the pump, not pay premiums. If we come to do it, it is because there are tax problems on the fuel,” irritates Pierre Chasrae, its general delegate.

All workers are concerned, i.e., employees and public servants as well as apprentices and self-employed.

Last Sunday, Bruno Le Maire opened the door to a broader targeting: “The only woman with two children, who has a monthly income of 3,000 euros, (…) should receive this assistance”, he emphasized, to the LCI. , for example. Another case: “A couple with two children earns €1,800 each, or €3,600 with two children, which is already an important but not very high level of income, it’s the middle class: this family – there should be entitled to this compensation.”

How much will he pay?

Help will be modified. The first level of the installment is 200 euros. May be awarded to motorists located between decimals 1 and 3 (RFR less than €9,400) among them, “big riders” – people who live more than 30 km from their place of work or who drive more than 12,000 km per year in Professional context – he will be able to get an additional 100 euros.

The second level of the bonus (for decimal categories 4 and 5) allows you to benefit from 100 euros. This time the reward for the “big cylinders” is 50 euros.

According to the government, the “fuel allowance of €200 is a discount of about 25 cents / liter per year, for a vehicle and average use”.

How do you order it?

Are you eligible? If the bill is adopted, you will have to go to the DGF website (where you declare your income and pay your taxes) and ask for help online. To justify the collection of the premium, it will be necessary, among other things, to declare where you live and work. It will also be possible to include links that refer to “vehicle technical inspection”, according to Bruno Le Maire’s cabinet. As the minister said last Sunday: “The Directorate General of Public Finance, upon my request, will send text messages and emails to those entitled to this allowance.”

The premium will be collected by bank transfer. On the deadline side, it will take a week after the procedures are completed for them to be approved, the company assures.

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