Fruit and vegetable prices are up 11% in one year, according to the consumer association Familles Rurales

It is more expensive to buy fruits and vegetables. The average price of these products rose 11% between 2021 and 2022, alerted Friday, July 22, to the Rural Consumer Families Association, which publishes an observatory of prices for everyday consumer goods each year.

“traditional basket”Unlike organic farming products, “It increased by 11%, twice the rate of inflation, which is already very high”reveals rural families in a press release.

The price of the fruit basket increased by 8% and the price of vegetables by 15% for products of traditional farming. In organic products, which are more expensive, the increases are less pronounced, with a 4% increase for fruit and a 3% decrease in the price of vegetables.

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Watermelon, the star of inflation

The traditional inflation champion is watermelon (+40% in one year) because “Bad weather” For its production, mainly in Spain. Peaches (+25%), peppers (+37%), grape tomatoes (+31%) or green beans (+21%) are among the most inflated products. In contrast, onions (-14%), apples (-7%) and carrots (-3%) are less expensive on average than the previous year.

In organic farming, peaches (+28%), lemons (+13%), melons (+11%), and peppers (+10%) are the products that have risen in price the most, while the prices of many vegetables have stagnated or fallen.

“The year 2022 will not be the beginning of a decline in the prices of fruits, whether conventional or organic.”Rural families are noted for whom “It is mainly due to the inflationary shock that producers have also suffered, which has led to a sharp increase in production and packaging costs”.

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Inflation before 2022

The limited increase in organic prices, according to the association, is explained by a lower use of inputs and, above all, by a greater difficulty in selling production and consumers “It seems he has steered clear of the most expensive food products.”.

This inflation did not wait until 2022, according to the price data of rural families: From May 2012 to May 2022, prices for fresh fruit increased by 42% and fresh vegetables by 37%. » At the same time food prices and the general consumer price index 15% and 13% increase, respectively..

In the face of this increase, the association calls on politicians to allocate food inspection “All those who today are excluded from healthy products for their health, for lack of an adequate budget”.

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