Frying oil soon will be authorized as fuel?

While examining the purchasing power law, Julian Bayou, co-chair of the EELV group in the National Assembly, introduced an amendment calling for the use of used frying oil as fuel in diesel engines. .

Green and cheaper fuel

While a liter of diesel exceeds €2 per pump, this solution allows immediate relief from the wallets of French men and women, reducing pollution from diesel engines and reducing the country’s energy dependence. The National Secretary for Europe writes Ecologie Les Verts.

And prove it tangibly. ” Correctly pouring 10 liters of waste oil can give 8 liters of fuel, it can be used in mixtures of up to 30% in diesel engines and up to 100% with some modifications, this allows up to 90% less greenhouse gases than Conventional diesel with much cheaper cost than fossil fuel The proposal lists the environmental group.

Thus, more than 170 million liters consumed each year can be recovered. Another advantage, unlike rapeseed, sunflower or soybeans used to make biofuels, cooking oil does not compete directly with the food circle.

The association “Roule Ma Frite”, which has promised to use cooking oil in tanks since 2007, recommends using up to 30% of the oil in diesel.

Furthermore, modification of the engine, in order to extend the opening time of the injectors, or to install a certain combination, such as to adapt a gasoline engine with E85 superethanol, is essential to be able to drive up to 100% with frying oil because viscosity can lead to the formation of Sediments at the injection level and combustion chambers.

Sold for about 0.70 cents excluding tax on a liter of recycled oil, this fuel added to diesel would be cheaper than fossil fuels, but would still be subject to the same taxes as diesel.

France is late

The idea is not new. Almost all European countries are already working on frying oil. Since 2012 and the RecOil project, supported by the European Commission, which aims to encourage the use of biofuels, as well as the recovery and processing of used oils, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium have developed diesel fuel. In particular thanks to HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil).

Also called blue diesel, this biofuel is made from vegetable oils and cooking oil and allows for a reduction of up to 90% in CO2 emissions and 85% of fine particulate matter and does not emit any nitrogen oxides (NOx).

But still not recognized in France, currently using it in France or simply adding oil to your diesel constitutes a customs crime related to fuel fraud. Maybe not for very long.

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