Fuel allowance: from 100 to 300 euros, which French are interested in this help?

The fuel allowance is one measure the French are eagerly awaiting. In the face of rising prices at the pump, many households see their finances significantly reduced. This is in addition to inflation affecting multiple daily expenses, including food. To counter this, the government made its first fuel allowance last April. This 18-cent help is for all users. However, it was advertised from the start as temporary. In fact, the state will gradually put an end to it in the coming months. It should drop to 12 cents / liter in October, 6 cents / liter November. It will be completely gone in December. He will take over the new fuel allowance. If the first declarations are to be believed, they may also have a retroactive effect. However, this still needs clarification. The official launch of this fuel allowance is scheduled for the fall in October.

The most interesting fuel allowance for passengers

The fuel allowance will be allocated first according to your resources. It will be divided into two levels. The first amount is 100 euroswill correspond to a The maximum reference tax income is €14,100. Concretely, this means that if Your gross monthly salary is less than 1592€ per monthYou can claim this fuel allowance. to Reference tax income of €9,400 or €1061 In month, Assistance for the purchase of fuel can be up to 200 euros. This corresponds to the reference income of one person. More accounts will be needed for households with multiple returns. In addition, for both levels of assistance, fuel allowance may be by 50%. This is additional support for larger passengers. This should help, according to the government, the French who need their car as part of their job.

Therefore, it is permissible to replace fuel Increase to 300 euros for the lowest income where 150 euros for the above category. Attribution terms will be based on your address and vehicle usage. And therefore , If you live more than 30 km from your workplace wow Travel more than 12,000 km per yearThis help can be attributed to you. In practice, some elements related to this fuel allowance have not yet been determined. This will not be done systematically. So you will have to publicize your status to actively claim this compensation. Depending on your income and the information provided to the department, your request will be met or not. Everything should happen on the impots.gouv.fr website. This would make it easier for government services to cross-reference information about your situation. More information should be communicated during the summer.

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