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Launch goal! football club Paris Saint-Germain – Goal information! : A surprise guest after Pochettino?

On Saturday evening, Paris Saint-Germain kicks off its Ligue 1 campaign with a trip to Clermont. To mark the occasion, Christophe Galtier gave a lengthy interview to the Parisian in which he spoke about his choice to join the capital club, Marseille, but also about the doubts surrounding his appointment, due to his experience in the Champions League. weak. Take the opportunity to put in some wizards…

“I understand each other’s doubts”

“Doubt? It’s an incredible source of motivation. I don’t suffer from it, I rely on it. I understand that it can be. Then, there are some men – who do not deserve the title of journalist – whom I find rude and sometimes very disrespectful. But It’s not infuriating, it’s a source of motivation. I understand the doubts of some and others when my name came up: I wasn’t from an international background, I’m from Marseille… But damn, I’m so happy to be here! There are doubts about my management of the star players, but where I have Everyone has doubts about me, it’s about the Champions League. I respect those doubts. But there are unbelievable things a team out there. I’m not trying to take the pressure off myself, but the Champions League is a irrational competition. You have to have the ambition to win it. But eight or ten teams She says the same. I don’t expect it or with c-impatience nor greed, but I do expect to be able to express myself with a group with extraordinary potential.

“Obligations I would have imposed? I will come back to this because everything I hear annoys me a little! I, at the group level, only speak French. That does not prevent it from being that I can sometimes ask my staff to translate some things to avoid misunderstanding. But there is no obligation Speaking French in the locker room There are Argentines, Portuguese and Spaniards… Why are they talking to each other? In French? I worked abroad When I met a French speaker I spoke to him in French These commitments are pure fantasy! Right! I just tell them to turn off the ringtones and not answer the table. But I don’t stop them from watching a live football match anyway or getting an urgent call. In that case, they just wave and isolate themselves, no problem.”

Speaking of solitude and problems, last night we learned via L’Equipe that Christophe Galtier’s diploma in coaching has not been approved by the FFF! In the question, the absence of “recycling” of the mentioned diploma, a kind of knowledge update, is mandatory every three years. The 55-year-old would have to take advantage of an international break to submit to this restriction and must take advantage of the exemption by then, even if he were to request it from the federation.

to summarize

In a lengthy interview with Le Parisien, new PSG coach Christophe Galtier returned to some of the controversial topics that accompanied his arrival. If he understands the doubts, he does not accommodate some negative comments.

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